Elevate Your Muck Spreading Game with the Ktwo Duo Range!

Get ready for efficient muck spreading with the Ktwo Duo range, available at Crawfords. Discover exceptional design, reliability, and lasting durability. Elevate your muck spreading game today!

Unleash Superior Performance for Spreader Season

Are you prepared for the upcoming muck spreading season? Explore top-tier muck spreaders at Crawfords with the Ktwo Duo range. Engineered for excellence, Ktwo’s reputation for crafting high-quality machinery ensures unmatched performance.

Discover the Ktwo Difference

Unveil a new era in muck spreading with Ktwo Duo spreaders, a testament to innovation and quality. Whether you need vertical or horizontal beaters, expect consistent and precise spreading for maximised output. Choose Ktwo for superior muck spreading results.

Outstanding Features of the Ktwo Duo Muck Spreading Range:

Rotors that Define Excellence

  • Dynamically balanced, open flighted rotors with unique stepped design.
  • Strengthened rotor flights for longevity and optimal performance.
  • Faster 417rpm rotor rotations for increased speed.
  • Larger bottom spinner paddles for wider spreading widths.
  • Hardened boron steel rotor teeth with 16mm bolt holes for durability.
  • Single-piece Rogelberg rotor gearbox for efficient power.

Dependable Axles

  • Assured 120mm square commercial axles across all models.
  • Controlled braking with 420 x 180mm S-Cam brakes.
  • Optimal braking performance with 25 – 35mm brake cylinders.
  • Superior flotation and traction with large wheels.

Impressive Capacity

  • High cubic capacity to weight capacity ratio.
  • Generous capacity due to flared sides.
  • Reliable spread with 4 x 14mm marine floor chains and closely spaced slats.
  • Extended sprocket and chain life with 6 tooth floor drive sprockets.

Efficient Drawbar Design

  • Bolt-on fixed hitch for easy interchangeability.
  • Improved maneuverability with single pole drawbar.
  • Added flexibility with optional sprung drawbar.

Built to Last

  • Enhanced strength with single-piece body panels.
  • Meticulous shot blasting prior to painting.
  • Durability with a layer of 130-micron 2-pack paint.
  • Experience excellence – Arrange your demo today!

Take your muck spreading to new heights with the Ktwo Duo range. Witness its remarkable capabilities through hands-on demonstrations by our Crawfords team. Serving Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire, we’re here to guide your informed choice. Don’t miss out on optimal spreading this season. Schedule your demo today and experience Ktwo‘s unmatched excellence. Your fields deserve nothing less.

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