The Versatile HE-VA Combi-Disc Cultivator: Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency

Unveiled at the prestigious Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland, the HE-VA Combi-Disc cultivator is revolutionising the way farmers approach soil preparation and tillage. With its groundbreaking features and exceptional versatility, the HE-VA Combi-Disc is set to redefine agricultural efficiency.

Unveiling the Innovation

The HE-VA Combi-Disc cultivator introduces a new era of soil management by seamlessly integrating in-depth soil loosening, surface treatment, and consolidation into a single pass. Designed to cater to the specific needs of mid-sized tractors, this cultivator offers unparalleled flexibility in its operation.

Stealth Technology: Redefining Soil Health

Setting itself apart from competitors, the HE-VA Combi-Disc boasts the revolutionary ‘Stealth’ low-disturbance legs. Crafted through meticulous research and rigorous testing, these legs provide enhanced sub-soil action and surface tilth creation while minimising soil disturbance. By promoting optimal soil health and curbing weed growth, the cultivator proves to be both versatile and environmentally friendly.

HE-VA Combi-Disc is Tailored to Perfection

Adaptability is a cornerstone of the HE-VA Combi-Disc’s design. Customers can choose the leg width that aligns with their specific soil type, granting them unprecedented control over their tillage process. The cultivator’s ability to incorporate tungsten facing further enhances its versatility, ensuring it can tackle even the most challenging soil conditions with ease.

Engineered for Durability

OPICO’s commitment to quality shines through the development and testing of the Hardox steel low disturbance legs. Subjected to various conditions and tests by a team of skilled engineers, these legs offer exceptional durability and strength. As a result, the HE-VA Combi-Disc cultivator emerges as a reliable and dependable tool that agricultural workers can rely on.

In the realm of modern agriculture, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. The HE-VA Combi-Disc cultivator, with its innovative ‘Stealth’ low-disturbance legs, customisable features, and unwavering durability, exemplifies the future of soil preparation. Whether it’s the task of soil loosening, surface tilth creation, or consolidation, this cultivator accomplishes it all effortlessly in a single pass. A game-changing solution that promises exceptional results, elevating your agricultural endeavours to new heights.

Explore the HE-VA range today and experience the future of farming efficiency. Contact Crawfords to learn more about the HE-VA Combi-Disc for sale and how it can transform your soil management practices.

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