Unveiling Unmatched Precision and Versatility for Direct Drilling

Discover the Amazone Condor, the ultimate solution for productive and efficient direct drilling. Explore its advanced features, benefits, and compatibility with ISOBUS technology. Experience the future of farming with Crawfords.

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Elevate Your Farming Efficiency with the Amazone Condor

Are you seeking cutting-edge solutions for maximising crop production? Look no further than the Amazone Condor, a revolutionary trailed seed drill that’s set to transform your farming operations. With its state-of-the-art technology and impressive features, the Condor is your key to upgraded farming experiences.

Unmatched Precision and Performance

Setting itself apart, the Amazone Condor features individually guided ConTeC pro sowing coulters with row widths of 25 cm and 31.3 cm/33.3 cm. This precision allows for extensive crop production methods, ensuring optimal water availability for your crops. Boasting large working widths of 12 and 15 m, along with a 7,800-litre, 3-section pressurised seed hopper, the Condor is designed for exceptional outputs.

direct drilling

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Low Fuel Consumption: Save costs and the environment with the Condor’s low pulling power requirement, reducing fuel consumption.
  • High Performance and Work Rates: Boost productivity with impressive work rates and high-performance capabilities.
  • Quick Turn-Round Times: Its ample hopper capacity enhances efficiency and reduces downtime during seeding.
  • Comfortable Central Machine Setting: User-friendly central machine setting ensures hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile Seed Application: Simultaneously apply two seed types or a single seed type to cater to different crop needs.
  • Enhanced Crop Development: Starter fertilisation in the seed furrow promotes optimal crop growth.
  • ISOBUS Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with existing ISOBUS terminals for precision farming.
  • Reduced Soil Movement: Narrow chisel openers minimise soil disturbance, promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • Perfect Seed/Soil Contact: Press and depth guidance rollers ensure optimal seed placement for healthy growth.

The Concept: Excellence in Extensive Farming Systems

Tailored for arable farming systems with minimal soil tillage or direct sowing, the Amazone Condor excels in direct drilling. In large arable areas where time and soil moisture matter, the Condor stands as your ultimate ally, ensuring high work rates, precision, and water conservation for thriving crops.

Versatility and Customisation

Featuring a 3-section pressurised hopper, the Condor offers unparalleled versatility. Adapt to varying cropping requirements effortlessly, whether it’s seed and fertilizer combinations or companion planting with a second seed type.

Advanced Technology for Seamless Farming

The ConTeC pro coulters with individually depth-guided technology ensure precise seed placement at optimal depths, regardless of soil type.

direct drilling

Experience ISOBUS Excellence

Compatible with ISOBUS systems, the Condor enables seamless communication between your terminal, tractor, implements, and farm management systems.

Simplify Seeding with Seed Pipe Monitoring

For worry-free seeding, the optional seed pipe monitoring system swiftly detects obstructions, ensuring smooth operations.

Neatham Farms Ltd Manager Matthew Ashton says “Since using the Amazone Condor, drilling accuracy has improved. We share field boundaries across the machinery fleet through our Gatekeeper farm management software, and the drill is controlled direct from the tractor through Isobus with GPS guidance through a Topcon system. Previously we increased the seed rate by 7–10 per cent to compensate for overlap, but now we are working on just 2 percent. Amazone AutoPoint measures the time taken for the seed to travel from the metering units to the sowing coulter, increasing the precision of the automatic part-width section control. It’s exceptionally accurate and avoids overlaps or misses where the working bouts meet the headlands.”

Explore the Condor 12001-C: Witness the Difference

This season, Crawfords presents the Amazone Condor 12001-C new trailed seed drill for demonstration. Experience its direct drilling capabilities firsthand and learn how the Amazone Condor can enhance your farming journey. Reach out to your nearest depot today to schedule a demo.

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