Adblue Tanks and Transport Tanks: Explore Sparex’s Selection

Transport tanks play a vital role in various industries, enabling the safe and efficient movement of liquids such as diesel fuel and AdBlue™/DEF. Among the notable options available in the market, three distinct models from Emiliana Serbatoi available from Sparex, namely the Carrytank Pickup (440L – Diesel), Carrytank Transport Tank (1000L – 900L Diesel/100L AdBlue), and Carrytank Transport Tank (220L – AdBlue), offer unique features designed to meet specific transportation needs. In this blog, we will delve into the details of each of these transport tanks, highlighting their key attributes and benefits.

Carrytank Pickup – 440L – Diesel – 12V (DC)

Adblue Tanks, Transport Tanks

The Carrytank Pickup is a versatile transport tank designed to fit over the wheel arches of a pickup truck. With a capacity of 440 litres for diesel fuel, it ensures a sufficient supply for various applications. The tank features an electric pump with a flow rate of 40L/min, coupled with an automatic nozzle and a 4-metre hose for convenient fuel dispensing. The level indicator and in-line filter help ensure the quality and quantity of the fuel. The tank also comes with a filling plug (2”) equipped with an integrated air vent valve on both compartments, minimising the risk of pressure build-up. Additionally, the ABS-made covering lid offers protection against adverse weather conditions and UV rays, complemented by lockable draw latches for enhanced security. The dimensions of the Carrytank Pickup are as follows: Width – 800mm, Length – 1200mm, Height – 830mm, with a cable length of 4 metres.

  • Versatile Carrytank Pickup fits over pickup wheel arches.
  • 440L diesel capacity ensures ample supply.
  • Electric pump (40L/min) offers easy fuel dispensing.
  • Level indicator and in-line filter for quality control.
  • ABS-made covering lid protects against weather conditions.
  • Lockable draw latches enhance security.
  • Compact dimensions: Width – 800mm, Length – 1200mm, Height – 830mm.

Carrytank Transport Tank – 1000L – 900L Diesel/100L AdBlue – 12V

Adblue Tanks, Transport Tanks

The Carrytank Transport Tank presents an innovative solution by combining two tanks within a single unit. This model caters to the transportation of both diesel fuel and AdBlue™/DEF, with capacities of 900 liters and 100 liters, respectively. The tank design ensures maximum resistance to withstand the pressure created by the fuel volume. In terms of logistics, the tank incorporates forklift pockets and four lifting lugs, enabling efficient handling and facilitating stacking during storage. The lockable lid enhances security, ensuring the contents are protected during transportation. The Carrytank Transport Tank undergoes rigorous testing, including drop tests, vibration tests, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure tests, full load lifting tests, and stack-ability tests at full load. The Carrytank Transport Tank is a reliable choice for safely transporting diesel fuel and AdBlue™/DEF, meeting the highest industry standards.

  • Combines diesel and AdBlue™ transport within a single unit.
  • Maximum resistance to fuel volume pressure.
  • Forklift pockets and lifting lugs for efficient handling.
  • Rigorous testing: drop, vibration, pressure, load lifting, stack-ability.
  • Lockable lid ensures secure transportation.

Carrytank Transport Tank – 220L – AdBlue – 12V (DC)

Adblue Tanks, Transport Tanks

Specifically designed for AdBlue™, the Carrytank Transport Tank with a capacity of 220 litres ensures the safe transportation of this essential fluid. The tank’s robust design undergoes extensive resistance tests to guarantee secure transport. Forklift handling is made easy with dedicated spaces for pallet forks. The tank’s dimensions, 912mm (width) x 601mm (length) x 622mm (height), allow for convenient storage and transportation at full load. Moreover, the inclusion of centering pins at the ends of the tank facilitates stacking multiple tanks. The tank is supplied with an electric pump (12V DC), a manual nozzle, and a 4-metre EPDM hose, ensuring efficient and controlled AdBlue™ dispensing. For added security, a lockable lid is available upon request.

  • Dedicated to AdBlue™ transport, ensuring safe movement.
  • Robust design passes resistance tests.
  • Forklift handling facilitated by pallet fork spaces.
  • Compact dimensions: 912mm (W) x 601mm (L) x 622mm (H).
  • Electric pump, manual nozzle, and 4m EPDM hose enable efficient dispensing.

Transport tanks play a crucial role in facilitating the safe and efficient transportation of various liquids, such as diesel fuel and AdBlue™/DEF. The Carrytank Pickup, Carrytank (1000L – 900L Diesel/100L AdBlue), and Carrytank (220L – AdBlue) from Emiliana Serbatoi offer distinct features and benefits. Whether it’s fitting over a pickup truck, combining diesel fuel and AdBlue™/DEF storage, or dedicated AdBlue™ transportation, these transport tanks provide practical and reliable solutions. Understanding the unique features of each model enables industries to choose the appropriate tank based on their specific requirements, ensuring seamless liquid transport while prioritising safety and efficiency.

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