Valtra Connect: Revolutionising Farm Safety and Efficiency

Discover Valtra Connect and cutting-edge technology designed to enhance farm safety and efficiency. Learn how Valtra addresses immediate and long-term risks, prioritises health, and streamlines operations for farmers’ well-being.

Valtra Connect

Valtra Technology Ensuring Safety and Well-Being for Farmers

Farming’s Rewards and Risks: Farming is both rewarding and risky. Valtra, a leading tractor and machinery manufacturer, innovates to safeguard farmers’ safety and well-being. Explore Valtra’s tech-driven solutions for enhanced work environments and fewer health concerns.

Immediate Occupational Risks:

Safer Machinery Design: Valtra tractors feature innovative designs that enhance visibility and integrate advanced safety systems, addressing accidents related to machinery operation, livestock handling, and more.

Valtra Connect

Enhanced Transportation Safety:

Clear View Ahead: Valtra’s 5th generation tractors boast steeply sloping bonnet designs, providing unobstructed views. This reduces the risk of accidents while crossing intersections or maneuvering around the farm.

Unlimited VIEW Technology:

AI-Powered Vision: Valtra’s Unlimited VIEW system, equipped with front and rear cameras, leverages AI to detect hazards. Alerts prevent accidents arising from blind spots, making operations safer.

Long-Term Health Risks:

Comfort and Ergonomics: Valtra prioritises driver comfort with solutions that reduce physical strain. TwinTrac technology and the Skyview cab promote better posture and ergonomic well-being.

AIRES Pneumatic Front Axle Suspension:

A Smooth Ride: Valtra’s AIRES suspension system offers a comfortable ride, reducing fatigue and back pain. It ensures comfort even in challenging weather conditions.

Mental Stress and Fatigue:

Smart Farming Solutions: Valtra’s smart technologies streamline operations, minimizing uncertainties and reducing stress. Focus on farming while technology handles complexities.

Valtra Connect:

Remote Telemetry, Real-Time Efficiency: Valtra Connect offers remote tractor data access, maximising uptime, efficiency, and productivity. Monitor usage and maintenance from anywhere, enhancing operations.

Valtra Guide Autoguidance System:

Stress-Free Steering: Valtra Guide automates steering for straight-line precision, reducing the strain of manual steering and ensuring consistent results.

Auto U-Pilot and SmartTurn:

Automated Field Sequences: Auto U-Pilot and SmartTurn utilise Valtra Guide for automated field driving, minimising stress and mental strain during headland sequences and turns.

Section Control with Multiboom and Variable Rate Control:

Smart Precision: Section Control and Variable Rate Control eliminate guesswork in product application, reducing stress by ensuring accurate dosing and preventing overlaps.

TaskDoc Pro:

Effortless Documentation: TaskDoc Pro simplifies data collection and documentation, saving time for more productive activities or relaxation.

Valtra’s Commitment to Well-Being:

Innovating for Safety: Valtra integrates technology and ergonomic designs into tractors to prioritise farmers’ safety. From accident reduction to health preservation, Valtra’s commitment shines through.

Elevate Farming with Valtra Connect:

Discover the Future: Explore the Valtra Connect experience today. Contact Crawfords, your local depot, for personalised solutions and embark on a safer, more efficient, and rewarding farming journey.

Valtra Connect

Leading the Way to Safer Farming

Valtra’s dedication to enhancing farm safety and efficiency sets a remarkable precedent in the agricultural industry. By embracing cutting-edge technologies like Valtra Connect and prioritising driver well-being, they pave the way for safer, more productive farming practices. As farming evolves, Valtra’s commitment remains unwavering – driving innovation that not only transforms how farmers work but also ensures their safety and peace of mind.

Join Crawfords in harnessing the power of Valtra’s technology and experience a future where farming is not only more efficient but also safer and more sustainable. Contact us today.

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