Discover the Manitou MLT NewAg range of agricultural telehandlers

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient partner to tackle your demanding agricultural tasks?

Look no further than the Manitou MLT NewAg range of agricultural telehandlers. These robust machines are purpose-built to cater to your everyday needs, providing you with unmatched comfort, performance, and cost efficiency. Let’s explore the exciting features that Manitou has designed for you:

Manitou MLT, Agricultural Telehandlers

1. Comfortable and Safe Cab Design from the Manitou MLT

The Manitou MLT NewAg range prioritises your comfort during long hours of work. The full-comfort cab offers a choice between Harmony or Vision* screens and allows you to customise the position of the “DSB” buttons, making it convenient and time-saving.

With the Joystick Switch and Move (JSM®) on a floating armrest, you can effortlessly control your machine’s movements. The JSM® Autopower* feature adds another layer of ease to your operations.

2. Power and Performance

The MLT NewAg telehandlers come in three powerful engine options: 116, 129, and 136 hp, ensuring you have the right power for your specific agricultural tasks. The engines meet Stage V / Final Tier 4 emission standards, reducing environmental impact while maintaining high performance.

3. Enhanced Visibility

Safety is of utmost importance, and Manitou has gone above and beyond to optimise visibility in the NewAg range. The high visibility windscreen, low boom articulation point, and one-piece windscreen offer a clear 360° view of your surroundings, enhancing both your safety and the safety of those around you. The added cut-out section in the front windscreen further improves visibility when using attachments, while the curved rear window provides better visibility over your trailer.

Manitou MLT, Agricultural Telehandlers

4. Illumination for Day and Night Operations

Whether you work during the day or into the night, the MLT NewAg telehandlers have got you covered with a comprehensive lighting system. With full road lighting, rotating beacon light, work lights on the cab and boom (halogen or LED*), front road lights (option), and more, you can work with confidence in any lighting condition.

5. The Manitou MLT User-Friendly Dashboard

The clear and modular dashboard places all controls within easy reach and ensures that you can quickly identify them with symbols and colour codes. The customisable “DSB” buttons save you time and enable you to focus on your work.

6. Unmatched Comfort

Working in your machine has never been this enjoyable. The MLT NewAg range offers a cloth-covered seat, adjustable steering column, sun visor, electric window, USB slot, 12V plug, car radio, phone holder, cup holder, and automatic parking brake* among other features. Ample storage compartments allow you to keep your personal belongings organised and within reach.

Manitou MLT, Agricultural Telehandlers

7. Dusty Environment Ready

If your work environment involves dust and debris, the “auto reversing fan”* in the MLT NewAg range has you covered. It automatically reverses the air flow every three minutes, ensuring optimal cooling, even in dusty conditions.

8. Versatile Transmission Options

The MLT NewAg telehandlers come with several transmission options, including torque converter with Powershuttle or Powershift Plus gearbox, M-Varioshift, and M-Vario Plus. These transmissions ensure smooth and efficient power delivery, allowing you to adapt your speed to the task at hand.

9. Stay Connected with the Manitou MLT

With the Manitou NewAg telehandlers, you’re always in control. The connected machine feature allows you to monitor your machine’s performance in real-time through a mobile application. You can share data with maintenance professionals, receive remote advice, and plan technical interventions to minimise downtime.

In conclusion, the Manitou MLT NewAg range of agricultural telehandlers is a testament to Manitou’s commitment to meet the demands of your profession. Whether it’s enhanced visibility, comfortable cabs, powerful engines, versatile transmissions, or a connected experience, the NewAg range has it all. Elevate your agricultural operations to new heights with the Manitou MLT NewAg telehandlers.

So, why wait? Discover the Manitou MLT NewAg range today, book a demonstration with our team and experience the difference. 

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