The Spirit R 300S is a pneumatic seed drill with a 3-metre working width. The Spirit R 300S has all the benefits of a small seed drill while taking advantage of the innovative technology and high precision of the larger models. 

The Spirit R 300 drill has the option of 125mm or 165mm row spacing and includes options such as E-Control, SeedEye, and Gateway.

Vaderstad Spirit

The Spirit R is also equipped with System Disc Aggressive. The front tool with conical 450mm discs provides intensive soil cultivation. A new corrosion-resistant 2800l seed hopper with an integrated fan makes it easy to fill and empty with a working platform located at the side of the seed hopper. 

NEW electrical feed system – Fenix III– The system can handle seed rates from 1 kg to 500 kg/ha and at speeds up to 15 km/h. The two distributor heads allow for half machine shut off.

Accurate seed placement is achieved with a 380mm offset V-disc and 380x65mm consolidation wheels. 


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