The New Generation Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder

The New Generation Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder

In the ever-changing world of modern agriculture, staying ahead means embracing innovation that drives results. And when it comes to optimising milk production and nourishing your herd, the Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder stands out as the ‘New Generation’ solution you need. Let’s delve into the reasons why this cutting-edge technology is a game-changer for your farm.

Unlocking the Power of Feed Mixing

International scientific research has illuminated a powerful truth: the utilisation of feed mixing wagons is a pivotal factor in maximising milk production efficiency. By combining various components into a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), the animals no longer cherry-pick their feed. This ensures that each bite delivers the same nutritional benefits, optimising the well-being of your entire herd, regardless of their rank within the group.

The New Generation Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder

Your Farm’s Growth Partner – Verti-Mix Adapts to You

As your business expands and your needs evolve, the Strautmann Verti-Mix is right there with you. Here’s why you should consider integrating it into your operation:

1. Superior Mixing Quality for Optimal Results:

Healthier cows are happier and yield higher milk production. The Verti-Mix’s exceptional mixing quality guarantees top-notch nutrition for your herd.

2. Lower Power Consumption, Reduced Costs:

Say goodbye to excessive diesel consumption. The Verti-Mix’s low power requirement ensures efficient use of resources.

3. Farm-Specific Flexibility:

Tailor the Verti-Mix to your unique farm requirements. This adaptable system accommodates your evolving needs seamlessly.

4. Year-Round Reliability:

Cows rely on consistent feeding, 365 days a year. Trust in the Verti-Mix’s unwavering performance.

5. IMS Auger for Enhanced Efficiency:

The Intensive Mixing System (IMS) auger accelerates mixing, reducing labour and tractor time. Achieve homogenous mixes faster and more efficiently.

Experience 20 Years of Excellence

Strautmann’s rich legacy in mixing technology spans over two decades, and now, you have the opportunity to benefit from that expertise. With a base of over 20,000 satisfied customers, you’re in good company when you choose the Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder.

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Configurable to Your Needs – Your Perfect Fit Awaits

Tailoring the Verti-Mix to your farm’s requirements is a breeze with Strautmann’s customisation options:

Choose Capacity: Select the perfect capacity based on your feed ration and herd size, whether you’re feeding once a day or more.

Select Discharge: With a range of discharge options, precisely direct your feed or bedding where it’s needed most.

Opt for Controls: Pick the control system that suits your preferences and operational style.

Integrate Weighing Devices: Accurate ingredient measurements are essential for cost-effectiveness. Choose the weighing device that aligns with your needs.

The New Generation Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Feeder

Improve Your Herd Today

With the Strautmann’s Verti-Mix Diet Feeder, you’re embracing a new era of efficiency, productivity, and animal well-being. Let this “New Generation” technology shape your farm’s success story. Discover the potential that over two decades of experience brings to your operation. Experience the future of feed mixing with the Strautmann Verti-Mix.

Contact us now to learn how you can join the ranks of satisfied Strautmann customers and take your feed mixing to new heights. Demonstration machines available.

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