Maximising Crop Yields with Opico Seeders and Applicators

With today’s demands on agriculture and crop production, precision and efficiency are paramount to ensure optimal crop yields. Opico, a trusted name in the agricultural machinery industry, has stepped up to the challenge by offering a diverse range of seeders and applicators. These cutting-edge tools not only simplify the planting and fertilising processes but also contribute to higher productivity and better crop health. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Opico seeder and applicator range and how it can revolutionise farming practices.

Micro Pro 8 and Micro Pro 16 Seeders

Accurate Application of Micro-Granules

Avadex Applicator

The Micro Pro seeders from Opico are the go-to solution for accurate application of micro-granules. Whether you’re dealing with Avadex or similar micro-granules, the Micro Pro ensures precise spreading over a significant working width. Farmers have the flexibility to choose between two variants: the Micro Pro 8, equipped with 8 outlets and a spreading width of 6 meters, and the Micro Pro 16, with 16 outlets and a generous 12-meter spreading width.

The key to the Micro Pro’s reliability lies in its individual metering roller for each outlet. This innovative design guarantees consistent micro granule distribution across the entire working width. With a spacing of 75 cm between outlets, a robust double overlapping spread pattern is achieved, further enhancing the seed’s coverage and uniformity. The Micro Pro 8 and Micro Pro 16 thus empower farmers to achieve exceptional results, significantly boosting crop yields.

Variocast Seeder

Cost-Effective Seeding Solution

Avadex Applicator

For those looking for a cost-effective seeding solution, the Variocast Seeder is the ideal choice. Designed to be mounted on various implements, the Variocast Seeder enables seamless sowing of small seeds such as rape, stubble turnips, kale, and more. Moreover, it also serves as a highly efficient distributor of slug pellets, making it a versatile addition to any farm’s machinery arsenal.

The Variocast Seeder’s adaptability ensures compatibility with a wide range of cultivation equipment. This ease of use eliminates the need for extensive investment in specialised machinery, making it a practical and budget-friendly option for farmers. By leveraging the Variocast Seeder, agriculturalists can achieve accurate and consistent seeding results, leading to higher germination rates and ultimately better crop establishment.

Nitro-Jet Liquid Fertiliser Applicator

Precision Nitrogen Application for Till-Seeding OSR

Avadex Applicator

To streamline autumn workloads and optimise nitrogen application, Opico presents the Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator. Specifically designed for till-seeding OSR (Oilseed Rape), the Nitro-Jet allows operators to apply liquid nitrogen with unparalleled precision. By providing an effective method of distributing liquid fertilisers during till-seeding, farmers can ensure that their crops receive the necessary nutrients for robust growth and development.

The Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator not only saves time and labor but also maximises the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation, reducing wastage and environmental impact. The ability to accurately apply liquid nitrogen directly to the crop’s root zone enhances nutrient uptake, contributing to healthier plants and higher crop yields.

Air Seeders

Broadcast Seeding with Consistency and Evenness

For broadcast seeding with utmost consistency and evenness, the Opico Air Seeders prove to be a game-changer. These seeders can be mounted onto various implements, including Grass Harrows, offering a versatile solution for sowing various crops with ease.

By providing complete coverage of the sown area, the Air Seeders guarantee that no patch is left untreated. This thorough and efficient distribution of seeds results in uniform germination and robust crop stands. Additionally, the flexibility to mount the Air Seeders on different implements empowers farmers to adapt to their specific requirements while maintaining consistent and reliable results.

Opico’s Range of Seeders and Applicators

Opico’s range of seeders and applicators offers innovative and efficient solutions for modern farming practices. Whether it’s the Micro Pro seeders ensuring accurate micro-granule application, the Variocast Seeder simplifying small seed sowing, the Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator optimising nitrogen utilisation, or the Air Seeders providing uniform broadcast seeding, Opico has the right tools for the job.

By incorporating Opico seeders and applicators into their agricultural operations, farmers can increase productivity, achieve better crop yields, and contribute to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Embracing precision agriculture with Opico’s cutting-edge technology is a step towards a more prosperous and resilient farming future.

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