Revolutionary Liquid Transport Trailers: HM Trailers’ Bowser Range

Liquid Transport Trailers

Unmatched Innovation in Liquid Transportation

HM Trailers manufactures a high-quality Bowser range, representing the pinnacle of liquid transportation technology? Precision-designed and engineered, HM Trailers’ Bowser trailers redefine efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. Whether you operate in the agricultural, industrial, or commercial sector, the Bowser range is tailored to meet your needs.

Let’s delve into the exceptional features that set HM Trailers’ Bowser range apart from the rest.

Revolutionary Composite Tank: Redefining Durability and Flexibility

At the heart of the Bowser trailer range is a cutting-edge composite tank custom-designed exclusively for HM Trailers. These tanks are tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring seamless functionality with their capacities and separate compartments. The oval shape of the tanks enhances stability by lowering the center of gravity, guaranteeing safe and steady transport. Inside the tanks, baffles minimise liquid movement during travel, providing an additional layer of safety. For those with different preferences, HM Trailers offer ex-milk or new stainless tanks, accommodating various capacities.

Purpose-Built Chassis: Uncompromising Stability and Accessibility

The chassis of HM Bowser trailers is meticulously crafted around the tank, minimising overall height and optimising center of gravity. Constructed using 355-grade Rectangular Hollow Section, the chassis also serves as convenient pipe storage accessible from the rear of the trailer, ensuring a harmonious blend of practicality and stability.

Advanced Running Gear: Smooth Rides Over Rough Terrain

Every Bowser trailer boasts sprung suspension, providing cushioning against rough terrains. Recognising the dynamic nature of liquid transport, HM Trailers have equipped their trailers with stiffer suspension as a standard feature. Rest assured, HM Trailers are built with optimal clearance for flotation tires, ensuring unhindered progress even in challenging environments. The high-speed 420×180 braked commercial axles guarantee impeccable performance every time.

Liquid Transport Trailers

Intelligent Chemical Storage: Convenience and Versatility in One

HM Bowser trailers are as versatile as they are innovative. Offering generous storage capacity, the areas around the tank and beside the wheels are optimised for storage lockers, totalling an impressive 1000 litres. These lockers come complete with stainless steel handles and gas struts for easy access. Should the need arise, the over-wheel areas can also be utilised for fuel storage, highlighting the adaptability of HM Trailers’ Bowser range.

Tailored Pumps: Power and Precision at Your Fingertips

Choose from a variety of pump sizes and types, allowing you to customise your Bowser trailer to your specific needs. Whether you prefer to mount the pump inside the storage boxes or directly onto the floor at the trailer’s rear, the choice is yours. HM Trailers’ changeover pipe system enables seamless switching between tank filling and emptying. For liquid fertiliser, the manifold system offers precise control over filling and emptying operations.

Homburg Handlers: A Perfect Match for Your Bowser Trailer

For seamless integration, HM Trailers also offer a range of Homburg Handlers in four sizes, with the largest being the most commonly used. Choose from pre-mounted pumps for easy installation onto the unit.

Experience the Future of Liquid Transport with HM Trailers

The Bowser range by HM Trailers is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability. Discover how HM Trailers’ Bowser trailers can revolutionise your liquid transportation needs. Contact us today for more information and pricing details tailored to your requirements and buy from Crawfords.

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