Valtra 6th Generation S Series: Meet ‘The Boss’ by Valtra

6th Generation Series: Unveiling 'The Boss by Valtra'

Designed and Built in Finland

Valtra, the Finnish tractor brand, has introduced the latest generation of their flagship high-horsepower tractor, the S Series. With substantial investments in their home factory in Finland, the 6th generation S Series is now proudly produced in Suolahti. This marks a new era for the S Series, offering design and feature enhancements, along with the renowned Valtra Unlimited customisation options.

6th Generation Series: Unveiling 'The Boss by Valtra'

‘The Boss’: Valtra’s High Horsepower Marvel

Valtra affectionately calls their latest high-horsepower offering ‘The Boss.’ With power ranging from 280 to 420 HP, the S Series stands as Valtra’s largest and most potent tractor. It delivers high torque at low revs, thanks to the 8.4l AGCO Power engine and CVT transmission, resulting in a 5% reduction in revs and up to a 10% decrease in fuel consumption compared to its predecessor.

6th Generation Series: Unveiling 'The Boss by Valtra'

Comfort, Visibility, and Technology Redefined

Valtra has always prioritised comfort, visibility, and smart technology, and the 6th generation S Series takes it to the next level. Expect an entirely new design, improved accessibility, a spacious cab, additional LED lights, and enhanced versatility for various tasks. Features like the TwinTrac reverse drive system and SmartTouch user interface have received significant upgrades. Plus, the S Series now offers multiple suspension options, Valtra’s Skyview cab, and Valtra Unlimited customisations.

6th Generation Series: Unveiling 'The Boss by Valtra'

The S Series Nordic Design

Drawing inspiration from Valtra’s popular 5th generation design, the new S Series boasts a modern, aggressive form language that emphasises power. Its sleek bonnet design ensures exceptional forward visibility. Additionally, the S Series features a fully integrated light unit with LED low/high beam, LED daytime running lights, and close-range LED working lights. A total of 16 work lights, all LED, enhance functionality.

6th Generation Series: Unveiling 'The Boss by Valtra'

Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability

The 6th generation S Series incorporates cutting-edge smart farming technology, including Valtra’s SmartTurn automatic headland turning with four patterns for efficient field work. Valtra continues to develop new technology features to benefit customers, with plans for Isobus-based Tractor Implement Management (TIM) in 2025. Sustainability is a priority for Valtra, with two-thirds of tractor components sourced within Finland and a factory powered by 100% renewable energy. The S Series is renewable diesel compatible and arrives with Neste My renewable diesel.

Fully Tailored with Valtra Unlimited

Valtra Unlimited customisation options are available for all 6th generation S Series models. With features like the Central Lubrication System (CLS), advanced sound system, and Unlimited VIEW camera system, you can tailor your tractor to your specific needs. The camera system enhances safety by detecting objects in front of the tractor.

Global Launch and Availability

The 6th generation S Series is Valtra’s first global launch. Serial production begins in the second quarter of 2024, with European deliveries expected in the summer. Deliveries to regions with less regulated emission standards, like South America, are set to start in the second half of 2024. Valtra will showcase the S Series at field and customer events worldwide from November 2023, including Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, from November 12th to 18th.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore ‘The Boss’ by Valtra, shaping the future of high-powered tractors.

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