Revolutionise Your Farming with the HE-VA King Roller

HE-VA King Roller

The Epitome of Efficiency and Performance

Meet the HE-VA King Roller, a masterpiece designed to revolutionise your rolling experience and enhance your farming output. This state-of-the-art roller is wider, stronger, and more efficient than ever, ready to cover extensive acreage with precision and speed.

The HE-VA King Roller is Wider and Faster

In response to the growing demand for wider and heavier rolls, the new HE-VA King Roller offers impressive working widths ranging from 12.3m to an expansive 20.3m. This ensures that you can cover more acres in less time, boosting your productivity while maintaining exceptional quality across the field.

HE-VA King Roller

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

A 15.3m set of King Rolls, traveling at a brisk 6 km/hr and with a proficient driver achieving 90% field efficiency, can cover a remarkable 8.25 hectares or 21 acres per hour. Efficiency and speed go hand in hand with the King Roller.

Supreme Contour Following

Consistency and high-quality results are non-negotiable in modern agriculture. The HE-VA King Roller incorporates a supreme contour following mechanism, ensuring an impeccable finish throughout the field. The roller’s Hydraulic Folding System, linked to accumulators and a hydraulic pressure gauge, allows precise weight transfer, delivering even consolidation across the full width.

Accompanied by a 5-year warranty, the new generation rings of the King Roller stand as a testament to durability and reliability, promising uninterrupted performance even under demanding conditions.

HE-VA King Roller

Innovative Weight Transfer System

The King Roller boasts an ingenious Special Active Transfer (SAT) weight transfer system, crucial for supporting the axles and preventing excessive stress during operation. The system’s accumulators act as an oil buffer, ensuring the rolls seamlessly follow the contours of uneven ground, maintaining a consistent finish.

The roller’s frame features multiple pivots, enabling individual sections to adapt to varying ground contours. This flexibility, along with the robust construction, ensures superior contour following, regardless of the terrain’s challenges.

The HE-VA King Roller is Built to Last

Designed to endure high workloads, the HE-VA King Roller is notably heavier than its counterparts, guaranteeing a superior finish. The axles are fortified with a centre bearing for additional support, providing strength and longevity.

Furthermore, the King Roller’s folding mechanism is engineered for strength and durability. The deep wing link pivot, coupled with Teflon-coated steel bushings, ensures the roller remains resilient and reliable, ready for both cultivation and rolling.

Mounted on 60mm axles, the rings are built for extended longevity, running on 4 bolt bearings protected within u-profile steel, highlighting our commitment to durability and long-term performance.



Incorporating cutting-edge technology and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, the HE-VA King Roller sets a new standard in agricultural rolling equipment. With its wider coverage, innovative features, and robust construction, the King Roller promises enhanced productivity and a superior finish, making it the ideal choice for farmers seeking the very best in rolling efficiency. Invest in the future of farming with the HE-VA King Roller.

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