Revolutionise Equipment Management with Manitou Connect Machines

Enhancing Productivity and Ownership

Manitou Connected Machines

Manitou Connected Machines presents a cutting-edge solution to monitor and control your machinery in real-time, delivering unparalleled connectivity and convenience. With our remote access through a web portal or mobile app, you can now effortlessly oversee your machinery’s performance, diagnose issues, and manage maintenance, regardless of the machine brand you own.

Manitou Connected Machines Gives Real-time Insights for Optimal Productivity

At its core, Manitou Connected Machines empowers fleet managers, machine users, and maintenance technicians with real-time access to critical data, including:

  • Machine Status
  • Geolocation
  • Access Management
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Fuel Level
  • Number of hours of use
  • Scheduling and Alert Management.

This holistic approach is designed to maximise productivity and minimise your total cost of ownership.

Unveiling the Comprehensive Functionalities

With Manitou Connected Machines, you gain access to a suite of powerful features through two seamless platforms:

EasyMANAGER Fleet Management Platform

Accessible via PC, tablet, and mobile devices, EasyMANAGER facilitates centralised fleet management, allowing for efficient monitoring and coordination across your machinery. You can effortlessly track and manage vital aspects of your equipment to optimise operations.

myManitou Mobile App

Designed for end-users, the myManitou mobile app ensures that you have real-time insights and control right at your fingertips. Stay informed about your equipment’s performance, enabling informed decision-making wherever you go.

Seamless Data Sharing and Integration

Facilitating seamless collaboration, both EasyMANAGER and the myManitou app enable effortless information sharing between equipment owners, users, and technicians. Additionally, our flexible API solutions allow for seamless integration of your data into a comprehensive global management system, ensuring a cohesive approach to equipment management.

Enhancing Maintenance Efficiency with Manitou Connected Machines

Manitou Connected Machines not only simplifies equipment ownership but also streamlines maintenance operations. Technicians can initiate an initial remote diagnosis upon receiving an alert, enabling them to plan and execute on-site interventions swiftly and effectively. This proactive approach minimises downtime and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Navigate Towards Efficiency and Productivity

Geolocation features in Manitou Connected Machines aid in optimising routes for technicians and users, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring that your equipment remains operational and productive. Additionally, access management and fuel level monitoring play a crucial role in maximising efficiency and minimising unproductive intervals.

Invest in Manitou Connect and witness a paradigm shift in equipment management. Increase productivity, reduce costs, and embrace a more efficient and effective approach to machinery ownership. With real-time insights and seamless connectivity, Manitou Connect is your gateway to a more streamlined and productive equipment management experience. Unlock the true potential of your machinery – choose Manitou Connect today by contacting your local Crawfords depot!

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