Unlock Productivity with Amazone Catros Disc Harrows

Redefining Soil Tillage Efficiency

When it comes to efficient and effective soil tillage, look no further than the Amazone Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 compact disc harrows. These exceptional machines are designed for shallow and intensive soil tillage, offering a perfect blend of speed, coverage, and efficiency. With working widths ranging from 3 m to 6 m, these disc harrows redefine soil preparation for modern agricultural needs.

Speed and Efficiency in Soil Tillage

One of the standout features of the Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 disc harrows is their ability to operate at exceptionally high speeds while covering a significant surface area. Their low pulling power requirement enables farmers to accomplish more with less, which is what makes this possible. Starting at a mere 2.5 m working width, these disc harrows require just 75 HP tractor power, making them easy to pull and efficient to operate.

Amazone Catros Disc Harrows

Low Maintenance, Long-lasting Performance

Amazone understands the importance of a hassle-free farming experience. The Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 disc harrows come equipped with maintenance-free disc bearings, featuring face seals and life-long lubrication. Additionally, the stone safety protection, ensured by rubber-sprung buffer blocks, is maintenance-free and standard for added peace of mind.

Precision and Flexibility

Precision and adaptability are key aspects of the Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 disc harrows. Their individual disc suspension ensures optimised contour following and excellent through passage, maintaining an even and efficient tillage process. The folding and adjustable side discs provide a seamless matching up bout to bout, enhancing precision in operation.

Ease of Use and Customisation

Effortless operation is a priority with the Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 disc harrows. The machines are equipped with central and simple mechanical working depth adjustment, conveniently located on the left-hand side of the machine. This user-friendly feature ensures that adjustments can be made swiftly and accurately, saving valuable time during your agricultural activities.

Enhance Your Harvest Potential with GreenDrill Seeder Box

To further optimise your soil preparation process, the Catros⁺ and Catros⁺ 03 disc harrows offer the option to include the GreenDrill seeder box. This feature provides an added layer of versatility, allowing for precision seeding and a more comprehensive tillage approach.

In conclusion, the Amazone Catros⁺ and Catros⁺03 compact disc harrows embody the perfect synergy of power, efficiency, and precision in soil tillage. Experience the transformation in your farming operations as you effortlessly prepare the soil for a bountiful harvest. Invest in the future of farming with Amazone Catros disc harrows and witness the difference it can make for your agricultural endeavors.

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