Valtra unleashes the beast with it’s NEW 230-305hp Q series tractor

Valtra’s 5th generation model line-up now includes an entirely new series that sits between the popular T and S Series.

The Q Series tractor, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Finland, is ideal for large farms and contractors looking for performance and integrated smart technology in the 230-305 HP range. The Q Series has the power, intelligence, and versatility to maximise productivity while driving down costs for large farms and contractors by combining industry-leading design, high quality components and finishing, and outstanding aftersales support.

The Q Series is an easy-to-use, intelligent machine, designed for professionals, allowing customers to perform any farming or contracting task and handle any implement with ease and efficiency thanks to the credible 7.4 litre AGCO Power engine and the industry-leading Q Series AGCO CVT transmission. The large comfortable cab with excellent visibility, excellent suspension, and the award-winning SmartTouch user interface provides outstanding operator comfort.

The Q Series has a very low total cost of ownership. Precision farming solutions that are simple to use, has a powerful, robust, and reliable design, and provides excellent customer support allowing Q customers to maximise their performance and ensure fuel efficiency, working hour efficiencies, and reduced inputs. This is a winning combination that will provide the best tractor experience available in this horsepower range.

“The Q Series is a high-quality tractor with a capital Q, and customers deserve the same.” “We have introduced a certification programme for Q Series dealers to ensure the best tractor experience,” says Sales Director Matti Tiitinen.

Q Series dealers provide expert sales and aftersales service, as well as a high level of spare parts availability, service contracts, and flexible financing options for total cost control. Furthermore, Q certified dealers provide a 100 percent connected fleet to ensure maximum uptime by scheduling predictive maintenance for when it is most convenient for customers. At handover, special care will be taken to ensure that the customer’s Q Series is configured with their implements and all smart farming capabilities from the start.

The 7.4 litre engine has the largest displacement in the market for a tractor of this size, ensuring dependability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power is available at low engine speeds of 1850 rpm, and maximum torque is consistent between 1000 and 1500 rpm. The Q Series’ high power and torque are easily generated by the long stroke engine. Valtra’s EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q Series range, lowering fuel consumption even further. Only 1500 rpm is required to reach top speed.

The transmission is simple to use. The electronic transmission management of the Q Series automatically selects the lowest possible engine revs for the work to maintain the lowest possible fuel consumption, and distributes power accordingly to the hydraulics, PTO, or transmission. The driver simply adjusts the settings to suit the driver or task at hand. Droop control allows the operator to change the tractor’s behaviour for even more economical or intensive operation, saving either fuel or time, depending on the customer’s cost-saving preferences.

With a weight of 9.2 tonnes, the Q is neither too light nor too heavy and protects soil from compaction. The maximum gross weight is 16 tonnes, which ensures a high payload and guarantees that the load is always transported legally.

The Q Series is small in size, with a low total height and a long wheelbase. As a result, the centre of gravity is low, making the Q extremely stable. The Aires Suspension, in conjunction with the long wheelbase, increases the tractor’s pulling force and reduces power hopping. Because air suspension has a faster reaction time than industry standard hydraulic suspension, it improves ground grip.

At road speeds, power is almost entirely mechanically transmitted, resulting in quick and smooth acceleration. The cab and front axle are both air-suspended and perfectly synchronised to ensure a smooth ride in any environment and temperature, whether harvesting on a hot summer day or clearing snow from the roads in winter.





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