Väderstad Proceed wins the Farm Machine 2022 award

Recently it was announced that the Proceed is a worthy winner of the Farm Machine 2022 award in the seeders and planter’s category.

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, introduced their latest product innovation Väderstad Proceed in December 2021.

The Farm Machine 2022 award is presented by a jury of agricultural journalists from over a dozen countries all over Europe.

The Väderstad Proceed is a technological leap for precision farming that can place a full range of seeds at the perfect depth with millimeter precision, enabling significant improvements in areas like yield levels, need for tillage, chemical treatment and the use of fertilisers. “This award signals that the jury has recognized Proceed for what it is – a game changer”, says Lars Thylén, Director Product Management Planters at Väderstad.

Currently the Väderstad Proceed is going through field trials in several countries across Europe. The Proceed is showing impressive results with stronger crops, and an increase in both plant and root biomass compared to a modern seed drill – while cutting the seed rate in half for cereals.

“It is outstanding in depth-precision, in-row precision, end-of-row precision, as well as seedbed optimization. The result is a quick, even emergence and vital crop population where each plant is provided conditions needed to reach full potential” says Lars Thylén

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