Time for something completely different. The IDEAL Combine Harvester.

The IDEAL is a combine that has been developed from scratch. During development, AGCO worked closely with its global expertise centres and developed each module to give perfect results under harvesting conditions. Special attention was paid to efficiency, grain and straw quality, absolute reliability, easy and logical user-friendliness, and revolutionary sensor technology for optimal machine settings. 

Fendt and Massey Ferguson, the IDEAL combines performance classes 7, 8, 9 and 10.  

IDEAL was developed to meet customer requirements today and into the future and was based on global market trends. A niche has been identified in the future-oriented market environment, which is why AGCO has developed this unique IDEAL combine in 4 models with 451, 538, 647, and 790 HP. The IDEAL 10, IDEAL 9, and IDEAL 8 feature high-performance MAN engines, and the IDEAL 7 features an AGCO power engine. This ensures maximum output together with efficient fuel consumption. 

The Helix threshing unit and the separating system ensure the ultimate grain quality.

Excellent grain quality and efficient acreage capacity are essential for the perfect harvest. That’s what the new IDEAL combines series offers with its unique Helix threshing unit and separating system. All grains are separated cleanly without negatively impacting the straw quality due to the longest rotor on the market today with its impressive 4.84 m length and 600 mm diameter. 

To handle the harvest with as much care as possible and to ensure a constant load on the rotor, the intake augers, threshing bars, and rotor fingers are arranged in a spiral around the rotor in a similar pattern to DNA. 

The processor requires much less power and significantly increases the output and machine efficiency with perfect straw and grain quality. It also features easy modification to suit any harvesting conditions. The IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 work with the Dual Helix threshing unit with two rotors, while the IDEAL 7 works with the Single Helix threshing unit and one rotor.

IDEALbalanceTM : Two grain pans for optimal cleaning

Another innovation of the IDEAL combine is the installation of 2 grain pans at the front of the threshing unit, meaning that the front end of the preparation floor can already be filled with the crop. The rear grain pan catches the material from the separation area and distributes it in the rear area. The entire length of the preparation floor is therefore fully utilised, the crop is evenly distributed, and efficiency is maximised.

The bulge of the two grain pans also allows optimal and consistent output even on slopes. Losses on gradients of up to 15% are reduced in comparison with conventional combines. The driver benefits from not having to make additional adjustments. 

Two additional separator concaves bring the concave surface of the IDEAL 10 up to 4.54m². Compared to the IDEAL 9, this machine has a 12 per cent bigger working area, which means even higher separating capacity and greater output.

Streamer with maximum capacity grain tank and hydraulic adjustment of the discharge rate

The IDEAL is equipped with the largest grain tank on the combine market today. It has a capacity of 17,100 l (+18% on current high-performance combines). The key to an effective harvest chain is the fastest discharge rate on the market at 210 l/s (32% faster than the nearest competitor). In order that the driver does not have to constantly drive back and forth to fill the wagon evenly, the IDEAL has a new ScrollSwing control. Using this, the discharge tube can be moved back and forth during transfer with great precision using the wheel on the multi-function joystick. The hydraulic adjustment of the discharge rate through the streamer gates also helps create the ideal crop-protecting process. 

Top performance even outside the field

The narrow vehicle frame of just 1.40 m provides more space for even the widest tyre and crawler track options. The IDEAL complies with current traffic regulations with maximum vehicle widths below 3.30 m and 3.50 m. With a maximum vehicle width of 3.30 m with the 26″ TrackRide crawler track, the Fendt IDEAL 9 creates a contact area of 2.55 m², ensuring low ground pressure.

AutoDockTM links combine and table in just 5 seconds

Very short set-up times increase the efficiency of the grain harvest. This is why AGCO has developed the automatic AutoDock table docking system. AutoDock allows you to couple the table to the IDEAL combine quickly and safely: from the convenience of the cab. You can complete electrical and hydraulic coupling in just five seconds by pushing a button on the terminal.

The automatic table docking works through an RFID code, the Ag Tag, which is fitted to all tables. The combine automatically recognised the table in question. In the Varioterminal 10.4″ menu, the RFID code retrieves the last settings for the table, e.g., dimensions and sensitivity settings for automatic table control. This shifts the onus away from the driver. 

For healthy output, the crop must be fed smoothly to the combine. The new PowerFlow table, available for the IDEAL combine now with a maximum operating width of 12.20 m, offers just this.

The transparent combine – IDEALharvestTM – visualises the flow of crops in real-time

The IDEALharvest system was developed especially for the high-performance IDEAL combine. It sends the capacity status of the threshing unit and cleaning in real time to the combine using acoustic mass sensors (MADS). The sensors are fitted along the rotors and the shaker shoe and detect the flow of crops within the machine and any losses that occur. 

The MAD sensors, combined with the grain quality camera, allow grain losses, percentage of cracked grain, and grain purity to be displayed. The driver can look at the iPad display in real-time to see whether more material can be found in the front, right, or left of the processor. With the aid of the SmartConnect app, he can select his customised harvest strategy between cracked grain, grain loss, and purity within a “magic” triangle displayed on the iPad. The driver also sets the ratio between machine output and quality. The machine then adjusts continuously based on these settings and reacts to changing harvest conditions in real-time. For example, the IDEALharvest system can automatically adjust the grain separation and the rotor speed if cracked grains occur. 

Outstanding visibility and an exciting design

The driver’s seat design is key to getting the best out of the machine. The spacious Vision cab offers plenty of room and provides outstanding visibility and user-friendliness with the Fendt quality you know and love. 

For a better view of the table, the Fendt IDEAL 10 offers a revolutionary concept – IDEALdrive. With IDEALdrive, there is no need for a steering column. Instead of using a steering wheel, you control the combine harvester with a joystick on the left armrest. The left-hand steers while the right-hand controls the speed. It means you have a great view of the front. The joystick’s control and intuitive response are proportional to the driving speed and the steering lock angle on the wheel. It’s easy and safe to control in every situation. IDEALdrive is optional.

Developed from scratch, the IDEAL comes in an exciting, completely new design from any conventional combine. It reflects the exceptional quality and innovation based on the latest trends and technologies in our global expertise centres. The Fendt IDEAL design alone conveys dynamism, efficiency, motivation, and strength. The IDEAL is available on demo across all depots.


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