Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors – In the shadow of Chateau Beauchene in southern France, Massey Ferguson whipped off the covers to reveal its latest redesigned tractor range adding a plethora of candidates for those in the market for a specialist tractor.

Massey Ferguson has launched a new six-strong range of 3 Series Speciality tractors offering fruit growers and wine producers bespoke machines to improve efficiencies and increase the variety of operations one machine can perform.

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

The new range, which has replaced the 3700 models, has the same striking design as the recently redesigned larger tractor ranges in MF’s portfolio and will offer users the same low cost of ownership, reliability, and reduced fuel consumption perks as the bigger siblings.

However, the 3 series machines feature no ‘S’ on the model numbering system. The letters on the bonnet indicate which speciality platform the tractor is part of. MF say all models feature a high standard specification for tractors of this size and can be equipped further with optional extras.

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

3 Series Models

The new six-model range of Speciality Series tractors is arranged in ascending width dimensions. For vineyard producers, the two bottom models in the range will be of most interest and start with the MF 3VI (vineyard), offering users a 1m working width to navigate narrow rows of vines, and the VI model comes with a cab as standard.

Changes from the previous series include the relocation of the fuel tank, which is now mounted underneath the cab to reduce the height of the bonnet and aid visibility while offering a tighter turning circle than before. A rear lift of 3.1t is standard, and the spool block has been moved to the lefthand side of the tractor to help coupling up equipment.

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Those after a slightly wider tractor for working on sloping vineyards can opt for the 3SP (Specialised) for added stability and the luxury of a wider cab. This model’s widths start at 1.25m and change depending on the tyre size.

Two further models aimed at the fruit growing sector include the 3FR (Fruit) and 3WF (Wide Fruit). There are five models, with the 3FR starting at 1.45m wide and the 3WF beginning at 1.7m wide. Both tractors can be brought as platform or cab versions. A platform-only model – MF 3GE (Ground Effect) – has a low-profile stance and a wider front axle for stability on hillsides. At the same time, it can operate in reduced-height areas, such as polytunnels and under fruit trees.

Lastly, the biggest model of the range is the 3AL (Alpine), which starts at 1.7m wide and has a low profile or flat-floored cab. The height of the tractor has been reduced further by locating the air conditioning unit next to the engine rather than in the cab roof. The 3AL will also favour dairy farmers looking for a higher-spec alternative to MF’s 4700 Global tractors. The option of a factory-fitted loader, headland management, and speed steer will welcome additions for operators looking for a versatile and nimble machine.

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Horsepower Choice

All four vineyard and fruit tractors (VI, SP, FR and WF) are available in five max powers – 75, 85, 95, 105 and a new 120 model. The GE and AL have four power options, with the 120 models not available in these formats.

Massey has chosen to retain the old 3700 engine and cab platform on each of the 75hp models, which it says will offer users at this end of the market familiarity when changing their machines. This means the 3.4-litre four-cylinder engine powers these units.

Tractors with 85hp upwards will run the latest generation 3.6-litre four-cylinder engine that offers between 85hp and 120hp, depending on the customer’s requirements. All models meet Stage V emissions by a combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).

Transmission Options

The wide range of transmission choices start with the 75hp tractors and the option of a 12×12 mechanical reverser, which, when coupled with a mechanic splitter, allows 24 gears in each direction. However, 85hp and above machines get a 15×15 mechanic reverser as standard, which can double the number of cogs available with a mechanical splitter.

A new 30×15 Eco transmission has five gears in three ranges and is operated using a joystick on the right-hand console rather than a traditional gear stick, as with the other transmissions. The joystick offers a premium feel to the cab and lets the operator control the transmission shuttle, speed shift and spool valves from the single lever.

The new gearbox has a maximum speed of 40kph at 1,700rpm to help reduce fuel consumption. MF’s well-proven brake-to-neutral function, which brings the tractor to a halt without the need to use the clutch, is available on the new 30×15 transmission. This is particularly useful on loader work or where lots of short shunting is required to increase operational efficiencies.

Rear lift capacities have been increased to 3.1t on cab versions over 85hp, while the platform and 75hp versions are 2.5t with a 3t optional increase.

Massey Ferguson Launches Specialist 3 Series Tractors

Specification Options

Current Massey Ferguson users will be familiar with the Essential and Efficient specification levels used on MF models for several years.

Essential models offer affordable ergonomics with a mechanical transmission, a maximum hydraulic capacity of 93l/ mins from the dual pumps and mechanical linkage control. Upgrades include electronic linkage control (ELC) along with PowerShuttle and SpeedShift transmission settings to make shifting through the gears easier.

Higher spec Efficient models get a hydraulic output of 120l/min via a triple pump, ELC and the PowerShuttle and SpeedShift transmission options.

Depending on the spec, the hydraulic setup on MF’s 3 series tractors features two or three pumps to operate the different services on board. Essential models get a choice of two or three mechanical spools. MF say the options for hydraulic outputs are wide-ranging and will be able to cater for operators looking to run dedicated machines, regardless of the hydraulic requirement.

Further options include a category four filtration system for spraying work which pressurises the cab and diverts air through a secondary filter in the cab roof. This can be switched on and off to preserve the 170-hour filter life.

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