Massey Ferguson 8S: Impressive Performance, Higher Productivity!

Massey Ferguson began the MF 8S project with a blank page. At the heart of it was the global ‘Voice of the Customer’ study, an in-depth, one-to-one interview with customers and operators in several countries across the globe. We then welcomed the impressive MF 8S to the UK!

Performance: Efficient drive lines bring higher productivity and efficiency.
Engine Power Management – 20 Hp Boost – These tractors have the considerable benefit of Engine Power Management (EPM), which gives the capability of up to a 20 hp-plus power boost, plus extra torque, whenever that bit extra is needed.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S project

Massey Ferguson MF 8S project

MF 8S Engines – Latest Stage V AGCO Power 6-cylinder / 7.4 litre engines deliver more power, torque, and performance at low rpm, reducing operating costs.

Dyna E-Power – The Dyna E-Power, is the ultimate dual-clutch technology, stepless shifting raising comfort, maximum power to the ground due to the mechanical conception and the best fuel efficiency in its class.

Dyna-7 – Dyna-7 offers efficient operation of a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears. This cost-effective transmission delivers smooth and intuitive operation in manual mode or can even be operated fully automatically.

Dyna-VT – Stepless transmission brings complete operator comfort and optimum fuel efficiency at all times. The New Automatic mode enables operators to adjust forward speed while automatically regulating engine speed according to load and speed.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S project

All-In-One Stage V Engines – These comply with the strict Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s award-winning ‘All-in-One’ system, which now includes a straightforward ‘soot catalyst’.

Protect-U Design – The encapsulated engine contributes to ultimate engine performance improving cooling capacities by always getting fresh air. It also insulates the cab from noise, heat and vibrations.

Power Lever Control – Exclusive, Simple, the unique Massey Ferguson Power Control lever provides straightforward three-in-one operation. Leaving your right hand free to operate a loader or any implement hydraulics.

Multipad Control – The Multipad lever operates the transmission as well as controlling cruise control, the rear linkage, PTO, headland management, spool valves through the integrated micro-joystick. All operations are easily to hand for greater comfort.

We have a range of Massey Ferguson 8S tractors in stock and available for demonstration this Autumn –

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