Manitou launches the new MLT 850 NewAg XL Telehandler

Manitou launches the new MLT 850 NewAg XL Telehandler.
Following the introduction of the MLT 841, 1041, and 961 telehandlers, the new Manitou MLT 850-145 V+ telehandler is the fourth model in the NewAg XL line.

This new model completes the current lineup with a load capacity of 5 tonnes and a working height of 7.6 metres to fulfil the demands of large farms and cooperatives, as well as the food industry and the recycling sector. The MLT 850 is ideal for handling straw bales and large bags because it is made for extremely intensive use, particularly loading bulk goods, cereals, wood chips, and silage.

Manitou launches the new MLT 850 NewAg XL Telehandler

Performance: enhanced productivity
The MLT 850 offers the best work rate in its class, with a 5-ton capacity, high-capacity attachments, and a high hydraulic working speed (+18% compared to the competition, or two more semitrailers loaded per hour). With a pull force of more than 9,160 daN (+20% compared to the competition), this model provides more than 600 Nm of torque. The 200 l/min LSU pump’s high movement speed is complimented by a bucket breakout force of over 8,670 daN (+32% compared to the competition), which is also significant.

The user can operate at the best flow rate uninterruptedly throughout the day when used in conjunction with the high-capacity tank. With the HighView camera mounted on the boom head, it is now possible to monitor the trailer fill level directly from the cab, increasing productivity by 10%. Thanks to the comfort and dynamic modes of the M-Vario Plus continuous variable transmission, the functionality of the machine may be modified to meet any requirements.

Manitou launches the new MLT 850 NewAg XL Telehandler

Effortless comfort: the trademark of the NewAg XL range
Manitou Group, which as always prioritises innovation, is using its presence at Eurotier to preview a new patented steering system* that allows the user to easily steer the vehicle using a mini-joystick, reducing fatigue and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with repetitive steering wheel use. In terms of ergonomics and productivity in the telehandler market, this represents a significant advancement.

Manitou Group has adhered to the specifications of the NewAg XL line with a cab that is roomy yet quiet thanks to superior sound insulation, which keeps the noise level to only 69 dBA, providing its users with ultimate comfort. To improve visibility, the cab has also been increased in comparison to the NewAg XL models with a smaller capacity. The sizable roof grille completes these improvements with its slanted slats and the optional Safeview dual cameras, which provide a 360° view of the vehicle on the dashboard display.

The two Easy-step steps and under-door lights make it easier to enter and exit the cab, increasing safety whether it’s day or night. JSM Autopower, which is only available with the M-Vario Plus transmission, is another standard feature of the MLT 850 NewAg XL. It automatically adjusts the appropriate engine speed to the hydraulic movements regulated by the JSM. Fuel usage and operator fatigue are reduced as a result.

Manitou launches the new MLT 850 NewAg XL Telehandler

Unparalleled profitability
“As a result of all of these advancements, the MLT 850 delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class, 8% lower than the competition,” explains Arnaud Sochas, Marketing Innovation Manager. This translates into an almost 20% decrease in fuel usage over the competition**. Each year, two thousand hours of consumption amounts to a significant saving of €4,800. Costs related to preventive maintenance also decreased by 4%. Manitou Group equips the MLT 850 with Stop & Start as standard to achieve such a reduction in TCO. Automatically turning off the engine when the machine is at a standstill this feature lowers fuel consumption and, consequently, noise emissions (automatic restart). Because the hour metre is based on real hours worked, maintenance is spaced out with an oil change every 1,000 hours, boosting the residual value of the equipment.

The self-cleaning air pre-filter situated above the engine compartment lowers the frequency of cleaning the main air filter, simplifying maintenance in heavy-duty applications. To make it simple to reach the main components, the engine compartment opens in two sections. You may clear the area in front of the radiators of dust and debris using a quick-release panel. The lubrication locations are centralised (automated lubrication system*** is an option) and simple to reach to make maintenance of crucial hydraulic components safer.

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