Introducing the AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland Plough: Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

AMAZONE has unveiled its latest innovation in ploughing technology with the introduction of the Tyrok 400 Onland semi-mounted reversible plough.

Designed for on land ploughing, the Tyrok Onland sets a new standard in flexibility and performance. With its quick and effortless change between on land and in-furrow operation, this plough offers farmers and agricultural professionals an unmatched level of adaptability to suit varying field conditions.

Easy Transition Between On Land and In-Furrow Operation

One of the standout features of the Tyrok 400 Onland plough is its seamless transition between on land and in-furrow operation. The tractor size and tyre dimensions play a crucial role in determining the ploughing method. In situations where using tracks, dual wheels, or extra-wide tyres larger than 710 mm is not conducive to driving in the furrow without causing soil compaction damage, on land ploughing becomes the preferred option. On land ploughing reduces soil pressure by leveraging the large contact area of wide tractor tyres and allows for lower tyre pressure, resulting in reduced compaction damage and prevention of plough pan formation. Moreover, on land operation offers improved pull line, reduced lateral pull, and enhanced power transmission. For maximum precision and working comfort, GPS guidance systems can be utilised, ensuring accurate alignment with the next furrow. The Tyrok Onland plough guarantees constant depth control through its front guide wheel, which runs continuously on the unworked soil.

When soil conditions require a quick switch from on land to in-furrow operation, the Tyrok 400 Onland plough offers a hassle-free solution. With a simple throw of the hydraulic lever on the turnover arm, the plough can be converted to in-furrow operation, providing optimum traction even in wet or rainy conditions.

Pure Robustness for Uncompromising Performance

The Tyrok Onland plough is engineered for durability and consistent performance. Its substantial high-tensile steel rectangular beam, measuring 200x150x10 mm, ensures exceptional rigidity. Unlike square beams, the Tyrok Onland’s rectangular beam remains unaffected by hard ground conditions, maintaining a uniform working depth across the entire length and width, a crucial factor, especially in larger working widths. The SmartTurn system further enhances its robustness by hydraulically slowing down the turning procedure on the headland, reducing stress on the plough structure when the cylinder is retracted. This unique system ensures minimal forces acting on the tractor and plough, keeping turnover centre of gravity as low as possible.

The Tyrok Onland plough incorporates the innovative SpeedBlade plough bodies, designed for minimal wear and extended longevity. The patented extra-large front shin on the mouldboard reduces wear on the shin, and the main wear point shifts towards the centre of the plough body as the working speed increases. This strategic design keeps the main wear point away from the main mouldboard, even at high forward speeds. The plough offers various slatted and solid mouldboard profiles, catering to different applications and objectives. Additionally, the clever joinery of the point covering the blade prevents entanglement with plant residues or baler twine.

Unmatched Durability with Advanced Wearing Parts

AMAZONE is renowned for setting the highest standards in the manufacture of plough wearing parts, and the Tyrok Onland plough is no exception. With its unique ©plus hardening process, AMAZONE ensures that the Tyrok wearing parts are significantly harder and more durable. By introducing carbon into the manufacturing process, the plough’s wearing parts gain exceptional strength, allowing them to withstand the most demanding field conditions and extended use.

Safe, Comfortable, and Precise Adjustment for Perfect Results

The Tyrok 400 Onland plough prioritises operator convenience and precision. Equipped with mechanical furrow width adjustment as standard, it offers easy customisation to suit specific field conditions. For added convenience, the working width can be infinitely adjusted hydraulically from the comfort of the tractor cab, allowing operators to adapt on the go. The front furrow adjustment can be provided mechanically or hydraulically, ensuring precise matching to the last furrow. The direct linkage of the front furrow cylinder at the front of the plough guarantees accurate alignment and optimal performance.

Choose the AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland for Unrivaled Ploughing Performance

When it comes to ploughing excellence, the AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland stands in a league of its own. With its seamless transition between on land and in-furrow operation, robust construction, minimal wear, and advanced wearing parts, this plough is built to deliver outstanding performance and durability. Experience the versatility, precision, and efficiency that the Tyrok Onland offers, and elevate your ploughing capabilities to new heights.

For more information or to book a demonstration with a Amazone specialist, get in touch with Crawfords today. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing the right ploughing equipment for your specific needs.

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