HM Trailers – Bringing Bespoke Trailer Ideas to Reality

In 2000 Essex farmer Grant Perry, started the journey to develop his own range of grain trailers designed to overcome regularly occurring frustrations, such as minimum clearance distances within low barns negatively affecting the efficiency of Grant’s harvest operation at home on the farm – HM Trailers was born.

HM Trailers

HM Trailers bespoke trailer design and build.

Based within their 24,000 sq ft workshop in Fyfield, Essex, HM Trailers have an extensive range of high-quality agricultural trailers tailor-made to your every need.

HM Trailers are renowned for their bespoke service. When presented with a trailer requirement that is very much out of the ordinary, the HM Trailer team take it all in their stride. The experienced team apply a logical and sensible approach gained over many years of building and using trailers to achieve the desired result.

HM Trailers

If it is SAFE, LEGAL and POSSIBLE, HM Trailers will build it for you!

The constant stream of bespoke ideas from customers across the nation means that it drives a development programme at HM Trailers, with the best ideas becoming standard build elements.

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