HE-VA Grass Combi: Revolutionising Grassland Rejuvenation

HE-VA Grass-Combi

Unveiling the Ultimate Multi-Tasker: HE-VA Grass Combi

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the HE-VA Grass Combi, a groundbreaking implement designed to redefine grassland rejuvenation. This versatile tool seamlessly integrates a levelling board, heavy-duty spring tines, seeder unit, and the option of towing a roller, making it the epitome of efficiency in agricultural practices.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Grassland Care

The Grass-Combi offers a multifunctional solution for various agricultural tasks. Whether rejuvenating grassland, serving as a stubble harrow, or facilitating cover-crop establishment, this harrow is the go-to choice for farmers seeking efficiency and productivity.

Precision in Action

Choose between rigid levelling bars or sprung Shattaboard paddles at the front, addressing high spots like mole-hills and ensuring even soil distribution. The paddles prove invaluable in cereal situations, evenly spreading crop residue across the field surface.

Following this, three rows of hydraulically-adjustable circular-profile spring tines come into play. With a diameter of 12mm, these tines effectively remove dead or decaying vegetative matter, promoting fresh growth. The scratch effect not only opens up the sward for new growth but also creates a micro-tilth, aiding crop establishment and fostering nitrogen mineralization for emerging seedlings.

HE-VA Grass-Combi

Versatility at its Core

The HE-VA Grass Combi rear, features four height-adjustable wheels that provide crucial depth control. This not only enhances its grassland rejuvenation capabilities but also extends its versatility. With Cat II linkage hooks and a clevis hitch, the unit can effortlessly tow a roller, reconsolidating the ground and maximising seed-to-soil contact.

Precision Seeding with Turbo-Jet 8

Equipped with a proper step and loading platform, the Stocks Ag Turbo-Jet 8 seed applicator mounted on the Grass Combi ensures a high output with a sophisticated i-CON controller. This technology guarantees precise rate control, even with the smallest seeds, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the grassland rejuvenation process.

Compact and Cost-Effective

Available in a 6m working width, the Grass-Combi folds to a compact 2.5m for easy transport. Priced at £21,678 for a 6m unit fitted with a 400-litre Turbo-Jet 8, this implement offers a cost-effective solution for modern farming needs.

Unlock the Potential – Contact Crawfords for More Information

Ready to revolutionise your grassland management? Contact Crawfords today for more information on the HE-VA Grass Combi. Elevate your agricultural practices with this ultimate multi-tasker, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farming. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance efficiency and productivity – make the Grass Combi an integral part of your farming arsenal!

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