High Performance With Absolute Reliability

Elevate Your Harvesting with Fendt Square Balers

Fendt Square Balers

The Legacy of Reliability

Since the first square baler rolled out of the factory in Hesston, Kansas, 40 years ago, Fendt has been at the forefront of harvesting technology. Known for stability, durability, and perfected technology, Fendt square balers have set industry standards since 2000, with continuous development and practical enhancements.

Fendt Square Balers

Variety of Options

Fendt offers six high-capacity balers in its portfolio, catering to diverse needs with various bale sizes. From the 990 model with dimensions of 80cm x 90cm to the 12130 model with dimensions of 120cm x 130cm, there’s a Fendt square baler for every requirement.

Enhanced Performance and Throughput

Fendt Square Balers’ reputation for rugged design and high output has grown since its launch in Germany in 2002. The latest generation focuses on improving durability, optimising operation, and simplifying maintenance. Fendt Square Balers offer maximum throughput with ease of operation, with a design tailored to Vario tractors.


Perfectly Compressed Bales

The 2.26m wide pickup ensures clean crop pickup, guiding the material effectively into the pre-compression chamber. This guarantees high output and efficiency, which is essential for modern farming operations. Additionally, the perfectly compressed bales reduce waste and contribute to your sustainability efforts.

Xtra Density for Extra Capacity

The Xtra Density (XD) series takes performance to the next level with reinforced drivelines and enhanced stability of the bale chamber. With up to 20% heavier bales than standard models, Fendt XD balers offer unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Square Baling

Industry Praise and Recognition

Industry experts have praised the Fendt 1290 S XD for its exceptional output and compression. Fendt balers set the benchmark for performance and reliability with peak outputs of up to 57.4 t/h and compression nearing 193 kg/m³.

Innovative Maintenance Features

Fendt believe in making your farming experience as smooth as possible. That’s why our square balers are designed with operator convenience in mind. Large bonnets allow easy maintenance access, aided by additional lights for visibility in low-light conditions. Automatic knotter and chain lubrication ensure hassle-free operation, while long-life alignment of chains and drives minimises downtime. Trust in the innovative maintenance features of Fendt Square Balers for a worry-free farming experience.

Fendt Balers

Elevate Your Harvesting with Fendt Square Balers

Trust Fendt square balers for unmatched reliability, efficiency, and performance in harvesting. Contact Crawfords today to explore the full range and elevate your farming experience.

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