Valtra Coach App: Revolutionising Tractor Efficiency and Sustainability

Valtra Coach App

Unlocking Fuel Efficiency Through Smart Farming Technology

Valtra, the Nordic tractor brand, continues to make waves with its groundbreaking solutions in the realm of smart farming technology. The latest addition to their impressive lineup is the Valtra Coach App, a game-changing innovation designed to revolutionise tractor efficiency and sustainability.

Valtra’s Commitment to Smart Farming

For years, Valtra has been synonymous with easy-to-use smart farming technology. Now, they’ve shifted their focus to harnessing the power of data generated by their smart tractors to assist drivers in reducing idle time, ultimately improving fuel efficiency and lowering carbon emissions.

Valtra Coach App

Fuel Efficiency at Your Fingertips

The Valtra Coach App is at the forefront of this initiative, helping tractor drivers enhance fuel efficiency by monitoring driving habits and providing real-time feedback in an engaging and informative manner. Tuomas Nevaranta, Valtra’s Product Management Director, emphasises the transformative nature of this app. “Valtra Coach represents a new direction in data-driven solutions for farmers. We know that, for many tractors, idle time contributes substantially to fuel consumption. Valtra Coach provides drivers with immediate, real-world insights based on their driving.”

How Valtra Coach Works

Utilising data collected through Valtra Connect, their telemetry system, the app illustrates to drivers where they may consume more fuel than necessary. By benchmarking this data against aggregated information, Valtra Coach monitors and rewards drivers for adjusting their driving style to reduce fuel consumption. By gamifying the monitoring and feedback process, the app makes efficient driving enjoyable and entertaining.

Valtra Coach App

The Impact of Efficiency

In initial studies, Valtra estimates that reducing idle time by 12% for an operator driving their tractor for 5.2 hours per day could save over 330 litres of fuel annually. The potential impact on fuel efficiency and carbon footprint reduction is substantial.

The Road Ahead

Valtra Coach’s demo version debuted at Agritechnica on November 12, 2023. Valtra plans to release the application to the public in 2024, further solidifying its commitment to driving positive change in the agriculture industry.

Embrace the future of sustainable farming with Valtra Coach. Contact your local Crawfords depot today to learn more about this innovative app and how it can transform your tractor’s efficiency. Your journey toward enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions starts here.

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