Elevate Large-Scale Farming Efficiency with the AMAZONE Precea-TCC Trailed Precision Air Seeder

Discover the advanced features of the AMAZONE Precea-TCC trailed precision air seeder, available from Crawfords.

With high-performance singling, large tank capacities, and innovative seed delivery systems, this seeder ensures precise seed placement for optimal field emergence. Explore its capabilities and benefits for large-scale farms and contractors.

Enhanced Precision with Innovative Seed Delivery Systems

AMAZONE is expanding its range of precision seeders with the new trailed models, the Precea 9000-TCC and 12000-TCC, specifically designed for large-scale farms and contractors. These models, available from Crawfords, excel in high-performance overpressure singling, large tank capacities, and an innovative Central Seed Supply seed delivery system. The Precea-TCC guarantees precise seed placement for optimum field emergence, even at increased working speeds of up to 15 km/h.

Central Hopper Concept for Seamless Row-by-Row Singling

The Precea-TCC models feature a central seed hopper with a generous 2,000-litre capacity, allowing for exceptional work rates and reduced fill times. The revolutionary Central Seed Supply seed delivery system efficiently transports seeds from the central hopper to the singling units using an air stream. Seeds for each row are temporarily stored in small reception units, automatically cutting off the air stream when the maximum fill level is reached. This intelligent air stream system ensures independent seed supply to each singling unit without the need for complex sensor systems or electronic controls. Count on Crawfords to provide uninterrupted access to the Precea-TCC for your farming needs.

High-Precision Singling for Optimal Field Emergence

AMAZONE incorporates their high-precision PreTeC singling units, operating on the overpressure principle, to achieve accurate seed singling. By utilising air pressure to press the seed against the singling disc, power consumption of the electric drives for individual rows is significantly reduced. The SmartControl stripper finger adjustment, combined with optical sensors, guarantees flawless singling by preventing any misses or doubles. The electrically-driven singling disc adjusts its rotation in relation to the forward speed and desired seed rate, effectively conveying the seed towards the propulsion channel. With Crawfords’ support, ensure reliable availability of the Precea-TCC to achieve precise seed placement for optimal field emergence, even in variable soil conditions.

CurveControl for Seamless Seed Placement on Bends

The electric drive system of the Precea-TCC enables even seed spacing across the entire working width, even when navigating bends. Utilising a yaw sensor to calculate speed differences between the inside and outside of a bend, the innovative CurveControl adjusts the speed of each singling disc accordingly. This ensures consistent seed spacing, allowing plants to receive adequate nutrient supply. The result is homogeneous crops with even ripening. With the Precea-TCC available from Crawfords, farmers can confidently achieve precise seed placement, even on curved terrain.

Twin-Chamber Hopper for Efficient Fertiliser Application

The Precea-TCC precision air seeder is equipped with an easily accessible twin-chamber hopper, boasting a total filling volume of 6,000 litres, for simultaneous fertiliser application. Each hopper features its own electric metering unit, connected to a distributor head, allowing for half-side shut-off as a standard feature. The FerTeC twin HD fertiliser coulter ensures precise fertiliser placement, automatically adjusting the placement depth based on changes in sowing depth.

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