Centaya-C for Combined Sowing

AMAZONE has extended its pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill range with the new Centaya-C for combined sowing. The highlight of this new drill combination is the 2,000-litre twin-chamber hopper. This makes it possible to apply several materials in one pass. The new Centaya-C Super is available in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 metres. 

Wide range of applications

The demands on modern seed drills as the basis for maximising yields are constantly changing owing to the growing challenges which are arising in professional crop production. Precise seed metering and exact depth placement, therefore, have top priority. Furthermore, there is a particular focus on the simultaneous application of several seed types or the parallel application of fertiliser with the seed.

The twin-chamber hopper means that the new Centaya-C Super now offers the option of sowing companion and undersown crops in addition to the main cash crop. These are of great benefit for weed suppression and for increasing erosion control and biodiversity. In addition, the simultaneous application of fertiliser is an efficient solution that leads to rapid seedling development and high field emergence. This sowing technique offers farmers and contractors a variety of establishment methods and a high degree of flexibility by the combination of seed and fertiliser. Moreover, fuel and time can be saved through a reduction in the number of passes.

Centaya-C for combined sowingUp to three different placement points

The Centaya-C Super can be equipped with either the RoTeC pro single disc coulter or the TwinTeC double disc coulter.
The 400 mm RoTeC pro coulter enables the application of two media utilising the single-shoot process. In this case, the individually-metered media are brought together in the single disc coulter and fed to a single entry point using the same conveying system. This enables, for example, a small amount of fertiliser to be placed directly in the row along with the grain.
In conjunction with the TwinTeC double disc coulter, it is even possible to apply two different seed types or seed and fertiliser at two different entry points utilising the double-shoot process.

Centaya-C for combined sowing

AMAZONE has extended its pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill range with the Centaya-C for combined sowing.

In this case, the first medium is embedded in the seed furrow via the TwinTeC coulter and the second medium is conveyed to an additional outlet on the TwinTeC coulter via a separate conveyor system and placed in the soil in front of the depth guidance roller. This offset placement means, for instance, that fertiliser can be used precisely, thereby ensuring a more comprehensive supply to the plant.

The Centaya-C Super can also be used in conjunction with the GreenDrill 200 catch crop drill for the simultaneous sowing of catch crops or fine seeds. This combination allows a third material to be applied to the soil surface via baffle plates. In this respect, the seed is fed directly from the 200-litre mounted hopper down to baffle plates behind the seed drill.

Precise, smart and highly productive

The ISOBUS-controlled Centaya-C Super enables separate and precise metering of the various application materials via the infinitely adjustable electric metering units with sowing rates of 0.5 – 400 kg/ha. The Centaya-C Super can be used at working speeds of up to 12 km/h with row spacings of 12.5 and 15 cm.

Filling is easy, thanks to the large hopper opening. The seed hopper and the individual metering units can be easily accessed via the loading board. The SmartCenter permits user-friendly and precise calibration and machine settings. The application rates and speeds are clearly displayed on the Amazone AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal, and the driver can change the seed rate from the tractor seat during work without any problems.

Centaya-C for combined sowingThe drill can be equipped with a quick-emptying device for fast seed changeover during work. An optional storage compartment is available for storing additional sacks of seed.

The 2,000-litre twin-chamber hopper means that the Centaya-C Super is highly productive. The hopper can be divided in a ratio of either 60:40 or 70:30, depending on the customer’s requirements. The special profile and the positioning of the metal hopper close to the tractor ensure a low lifting power requirement.

QuickLink quick coupling system

The Centaya-C Super harrow-mounted seed drill can be very easily and quickly connected without tools to the various Amazone soil tillage implements via the QuickLink quick coupling system. Depending on the soil conditions, it can be combined with the KE 02 rotary harrow models or the KG and KX rotary cultivators. The Centaya-C Super can be combined with the CombiDisc compact disc harrow for use on very light soils.

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