Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers: Increasing Farm Efficiency

Elevate Your Farming Operation with Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers from Crawfords

Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers

Innovative Solutions for Modern Farming

Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers stand out with their innovative features, designed to address the specific challenges faced by modern farmers. These sprayers are not just about efficiency and precision, but also about ease of use, revolutionising agricultural spraying operations.

Unparalleled Comfort and Handling

Featuring tank capacities ranging from 4,200 to 11,200 litres, the UX Super Sprayers prioritise comfort and ease of operation. With an ergonomic handling concept, farmers can bid farewell to cumbersome equipment and embrace effortless spraying.

Trailed Sprayer

First-Class Boom Guidance

Precision is paramount in spraying, and the Super-L2 and Super-L3 sprayer booms deliver just that. With widths ranging from 21 to 42 metres, coupled with first-class boom guidance, optimal coverage is guaranteed, maximising the effectiveness of every pass.

Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Effectiveness

At Crawfords, we prioritise your farming operation’s efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why the Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers are equipped with high-performance options, ensuring maximum productivity at every step.

Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers

Your Benefits at a Glance

Compact Design: Easy transportation with low transport height and compact dimensions.

Manoeuvrability: Light, compact, and manoeuvrable, thanks to axle steering with a steering angle of up to 28°.

SmartCenter Operator Solutions: Intuitive operation tailored to your needs, from Standard-Pack to Comfort-Pack Plus.

High-Capacity Pumps: Self-priming, low-maintenance piston diaphragm pumps ensure high application rates, even at high pressures.

Advanced Boom Guidance: Distance Control, Countour Control, and SwingStop for optimal boom guidance.

Pressure Recirculation Systems: DUS or DUS Pro systems ensure continuous circulation of the spray agent.

Individual Nozzle Control: Electric AmaSwitch and AmaSelect allow for precise nozzle selection and 50 cm part-width sections.

Automatic Wash-Out Programmes: These programmes provide perfect cleaning results under all conditions, ensuring your equipment is always ready for action.

Super Trailed Sprayers

Experience the Difference

Amazone UX Super Trailed Sprayers from Crawfords are not just agricultural equipment; they’re a revolution. With their unmatched comfort, precision, and efficiency, they’re the key to elevating your farming operation. Don’t miss out on this game-changing experience. Contact Crawfords today and be part of the agricultural efficiency revolution.

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