Amazone Cirrus Disc

Knife roller as a front tool for the AMAZONE Cirrus 6003-2

AMAZONE now offers a knife roller as a front tool for the Cirrus 6003-2 folding trailed cultivator drill. The central enclosed roller core with its chevron knife arrangement is a unique feature. The knife roller provides additional crumbling on cloddy soils and ensures the intensive shredding of surface crop residues. Catch crops and tall stubbles are chopped at right angles to the direction of travel. Reducing the number of working passes is another advantage of the knife roller combined with the Cirrus 6003-2. This preserves soil structure, conserves essential soil moisture and cuts costs and working time.


Amazone Cirrus

The knife roller has an aggressive front tool for the Cirrus 6003-2

Wide range of applications 

Seedbed preparation for cereals after sunflowers involves cutting tall crop residues at right angles with the knife roller and aligning them in the longitudinal direction with the following Minimum TillDisc cutting discs. The seed placement accuracy is considerably increased since the sowing coulters are not affected by the crop residues.

Even shredding and incorporation of maise stubble helps promote good field hygiene after the maise harvest. Using the knife roller with the Cirrus 6003-2 saves an additional run with a mulcher, roller or disc harrow for cultivating pre-working stubbles.

The knife roller improves the drill’s effectiveness when sowing directly into a standing catch crop by intensively cultivating the catch crop and incorporating it into the soil if necessary. 

Cirrus 6003-2C in combination with the knife roller sowing winter wheat after sunflowers

Extremely robust and maintenance-free

The knife roller is characterised by its extreme robustness. In particular, the sturdy roller bearing mounts and the knives made from Boron steel ensures a long service life. The knife fixings are recessed into the round tube on the roller. The central, enclosed core of the roller is extremely insensitive to stones and dirt contamination. The knife roller is maintenance-free due to the spherical roller bearings and the face seals. Reversible blades, sharpened on both sides, halve the wear costs.

Perfect work results are achieved via its special blade arrangement 

The chevron blade arrangement is a distinctive feature of the knife roller, which prevents lateral pull. The contour following is provided via the individual knife segments. This means that the knives operate evenly over the entire working width, even on undulating ground.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fewer passes as a result of the machine combination
  • Cost savings as a result of fewer working passes
  • Even field emergence on widely varying soils


The knife roller produces a fine soil seedbed for sowing wheat when used as a front tool on the Cirrus 6003-2


Amazone Cirrus

Scan to watch the Amazone Cirrus 6003-2C trailed cultivator drill with knife roller



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