Vaderstad Tempo F Planter

The Vaderstad Tempo F is a new generation trailed, high-speed Planter.

The Vaderstad Tempo Planter is available with 6 or 8 row units with the option of fertiliser application as an additional extra.

The seed depth is maintained in all conditions that are thrown at it through the unique design and positioning of the large diameter hydraulic support wheels, mounted in between row units ensure continuous, even planting, whilst maintaining a high speed. Vaderstad Tempo F Planter offers maximum uptime and fertiliser saving with it’s extensive fertiliser capacity and individual row shut-off.

Vaderstad Tempo F Planter can be supplied with a combination of a large fertiliser hopper and disc fertiliser coulters. Depending on the selected model, the fertiliser hopper capacities available are 1275 or 1700 litres.

So whether you’re planting Maize, Sugar Beet, Beans or anything else, contact us to book your demo of the Vaderstad Tempo F, available across West Sussex & Hampshire.