Ultra-compact Manitou Telehandler launched

Manitou Group has launched a new ultra-compact rough terrain telehandler aimed at the agriculture, construction, and landscaping sectors.

The Ultra-compact Manitou Telehandler range has been consciously designed to allow ease of use and transportation. While Manitou already has a large customer base in the agriculture and construction sectors, the company has expressed that it wanted to develop a model suitable for those in the landscaping sector, allowing operators to transport it on a road trailer hooked up to their vehicle. The new Ulta Light Manitou (ULM) model has a transportable weight of less than 3 tonnes, which can be loaded onto a 3,500kg total capacity trailer. The ULM Telehandler was designed at Manitou’s Laillé production site, which is home to a purpose-built R&D centre dedicated to ‘super compact’ telehandlers

The ULM’s dimensions are among the front runners of the compact Telehandler market, offering a width of 1.49m and a height of 1.92m. The model comes in two versions (ULM 412 H and ULM 415 H) with lifting capacities of 1.25 tonne and 1.5 tonne, respectively, and a lifting height of 4.3m, depending on options.
The new ULM range also features four-wheel drive with an oscillating rear axle and 3 steering modes. A wide range of tyres are available that customers can choose from, along with a desirable high ground clearance of 29cm.

3 levels of finishes

Essential: basic finish with mechanical vinyl seat.

Comfort: mechanical vinyl seat, accessory hydraulic line, Easy Connect System, wiper on roof window, sun visor, adjustable steering column, floor mat, full road lighting, flat LED rotating beacon, LED work lights on cab (x4).

Classic: mechanical fabric seat, accessory hydraulic line, Easy Connect System, wiper on roof window, sun visor, adjustable steering column, floor mat, full road lighting, flat LED rotating beacon, LED work lights on cab (x4) , material baffle on boom head, air pre-filter, auto reversing fan, rear mudguards, rear electric plug, tuner car radio, telephone holder, interior mirror.

Key Machine Highlights

35.1 hp (26.2 kW) engine
It meets the Stage V environmental standard. Exhaust gas treatment is carried out using a DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and a particulate filter.

Hydrostatic transmission
With a simple gesture, choose your speed (+/- buttons on the JSM). The hydrostatic transmission guarantees handling without jolts, perfect in cramped spaces. Changing gears can be done while driving, saving you time!

Simultaneous boom movements
The flow sharing distributor enhances simultaneous hydraulic movements for efficient work. You choose to do one or several movements at the same time for more precision.

Inching function
This feature speeds up movement of the boom while limiting the forward speed of the machine. It is particularly useful for bale stacking or pallet handling.

Electronic carriage compensation system
By replacing the hydraulic compensation with an electronic compensation, we improve visibility at the rear of the machine (by removing the cylinder). This also reduces its weight, thus optimizing fuel consumption.

Driving assistance
A set of pop-ups informs the operator in real time about the use of the machine.

Joystick on floating armrest
Exclusive to Manitou, the JSM allows you to control all movements in complete safety and without fatigue, with just one hand. You always keep one hand on the steering wheel for total control of your machine.

Optimal visibility
The roof window is made of polycarbonate, a transparent and very resistant material that meets the FOPS standards (protection against falling objects). The hoses are well protected inside the boom for clear visibility on the right side.

Quick and easy maintenance
Service intervals and error codes are displayed on the clear digital dashboard display. A large opening engine bonnet on the side of the machine allows easy access to the main components, while a hatch at the front of the radiators allows straw and dust to be removed easily. The fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are easily accessible and clearly identified and the battery is easily accessible, located just under the cab.

Cost of ownership
Cost of ownership was a major part of the design process, a number of features were built in to address this key matter. The Stop & Start feature reduces fuel consumption, co2 emissions, the number of recorded engine hours and noise pollution by automatically stopping the engine when the machine is stationary. Engine restart is automated without turning the key.

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