Sparex Induction Heater Tool


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  • Sparex Induction Heat Tool is ideal for loosening stubborn and seized bolt fixings.
  • All-in-one: Comes with different diameters of coils to suit different nut sizes.
  • Refill coils are available to purchase separately.
  • Supplied in a robust lockable plastic case for easy storage and mobile use.
  • Safe: no gas, no flame. Reduce risks of potential explosion by igniting fumes from workshops or vehicles.
  • Wide applications: induction coils produce high-frequency magnetic fields and are ideal for accessing hard to reach areas, such as where axle bolts sit; this ensures heat is localized on the problem part only, not the surrounding area.
  • Efficient: Coil can reach high heat temperatures in a short time, in seconds even; the heat expands the corroded nut and breaks down corrosive bonds.
  • Save time & increase repair efficiency.

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