Sparex 12V Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter


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This Ultra Capacitor utilises the remaining voltage of your car battery to transfer charge into the Capacitor Jump Starter to generate power to then jump-start the vehicle. Simply connect the ultra-capacitor to your car battery, once connected the capacitor display screen will display your car battery voltage. The screen will then read ‘Jump Start Ready’ if your flat battery is still above 5v. If unable to use the voltage from your car battery (below 5V), the ultra-capacitor has a small backup battery reserve to assist in jump-starting your vehicle.


  • 3-in-1 Unit: The Ultra Capacitor is a jump starter, power bank and torch.
  • Lightweight: Under 2kg!
  • Powerful: 1000A Peak Current
  • Quick charge: Using the voltage of your battery, the capacitor doesn’t rely on the internal battery for jump-starting (unless your car battery is ‘dead’ below 5V)
  • The unit comes with battery clamps and has a built-in LCD screen that displays your car battery voltage and capacitor information.
  • Charging Time for back up Battery: 4 hrs (5v,2A), 50 mins (12v, 10A)
  • Reverse -charge Protection: No reverse charging back to the unit after the vehicle is started.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: No damage while the clamps are connected to the wrong terminals.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Prevents short-circuit occurring while two clamps are connected.
  • Over-discharge Protection: Prevents over-discharge of the battery in the jump starter.
  • Over-charge protection: Prevents over-charge of the battery in the jump starter.
  • Over-temperature Protection: Automatic stop function when the temperature gets too high.

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