MF Connect: Information, Wherever and Whenever You Need It

Massey Ferguson’s fleet-management system, MF Connect, allows for remote and almost real-time monitoring and decision-making.

Making informed operational decisions on logistics can be done using machine data.
The MF IDEAL and all 6-cylinder tractors now come standard with MF Connect and a 5-year subscription.

Collect machine and fleet data from any location
Operators may manage their whole fleet of MF machines with the aid of MF Connect, a centralised telemetry system. Farmers and contractors can monitor, analyse, and optimise the condition and use of their machines with the help of MF Connect, which also helps to reduce downtime and maximise productivity.

Thanks to mobile data transmission, real-time machine data may be received from any location using a smartphone, tablet, or office desktop. By getting alerts on your smart device when your machines leave or enter predefined locations, geofencing can help you manage your logistics better. Additionally, any suspicious machine behaviour will be reported to you.

By ensuring that your machines are prepared to function whenever needed, MF Connect can help you maintain your equipment in top shape while working with your MF Dealer to increase uptime. Notifications for service and maintenance allow you to stay informed about the machine’s status and schedule planned maintenance outside peak times.

New MF Connect machine performance reporting benefits from smart machine adjustments.
With the new MF Connect performance report, you can easily access the performance of your key machines. The machine performance report, produced daily, weekly, or monthly, makes it simple to track and record machine performance over a specified time period.

Check the daily development of your fleet’s productivity and overall running hours, fuel consumption, and machine activity on an intuitive and simple-to-read interface. Simply and effectively monitor your work and fleet, and compare machine activity with others regarding working time, fuel and AdBlue usage, and engine load.

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