Manitou: Reduce Fuel Consumption

Manitou was the first manufacturer to disclose the fuel consumption of their machines. Today, they support the introduction of a sector-wide standard.

Manitou’s aim is to share data with our customers that is essential to your purchasing decision as it represents 1/3 of your total cost of ownership.

Tests are executed in intensive conditions to compare machines with a repeatable test to reflect the real-life conditions of certain uses.

  • Handling (60mins) – Intensive mode, Loading and unloading according to VDI cycle. Moving a 1.5-tonne load between two pallet racks A and B 30 metres apart.
  • Loading (60mins) – Intensive mode, Loading of bulk material into a trailer.
  • Movement to the bulk material and loading of the bucket, moving towards the trailer, dumping of bucket contents in the trailer.
  • Idling (60mins) – Truck idling on flat ground. All fluids at normal temperature.
  • Road (60mins) – On a test track at top speed and in the highest gear. Flat track, transmission at highest gear, and all fluids at normal temperature.

To validate the direction taken by Manitiou Group in relation to fuel consumption and to go beyond the normal communication in the sector, Manitou wanted to have their procedures validated by a recognised external organisation. Today, Manitou support this approach at European level to ensure that the whole sector measures fuel consumption in the same way.

UTAC* has audited and verified that the tests performed to comply with the procedure (cycles used, methods of measurement, internal capabilities, etc.).

Tests performed by Manitou in accordance with internal procedures EP-695 and EP-1519 approved by the UTAC*.

To inform you about the fuel consumption and emissions of Manitou’s machines, they have developed information and educational tools (machine labels, calculator, etc.).

To help you, a set of useful tips on use and maintenance of your machines is provided.

  • Optimum engine efficiency is achieved at the maximum torque settings
  • Use the air conditioning with the doors and windows closed
  • Used the right tyres for your environment
  • Regularly clean the air filter and radiator etc


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We want to innovate so that we can offer safe, efficient, and lasting solutions throughout your machine’s life cycle.

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It’s time to calculate your fuel consumption!


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