Crawfords Automotive Joins Isuzu’s ARB HUB Dealer Programme

Crawfords and Isuzu Introduce ARB HUB Dealer Programme

Crawfords is excited to announce our participation in the new ARB HUB dealer programme, launched by Isuzu UK in collaboration with ARB UK. This initiative will see us, along with other selected dealers, specialise in ARB 4×4 accessories to meet the growing demand for lifestyle vehicles. Leveraging Isuzu’s latest D-Max model and ARB’s premium off-road and camping accessories, this programme marks a significant milestone in Isuzu’s expansion into the lifestyle sector.

ARB 4x4 accessories

A New Milestone for Crawfords and Isuzu

Our team at Crawfords is thrilled to be part of the ARB HUB dealer programme, partnering with Isuzu and ARB UK to enhance our service offerings. This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing premium service and top-notch 4×4 accessories to our valued customers across Essex, Kent, Sussex and beyond.

As part of the ARB HUB programme, we will undergo specialised training to become a dedicated hub for ARB 4×4 accessories. At Crawfords, we are committed to offering a comprehensive range of ARB products and services, ensuring that our customers, especially off-road and vehicle camping enthusiasts, have everything they need for their adventures.

Enhancing Your Experience with Premium Accessories

The ARB HUB programme highlights our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and expanding into the lifestyle market. Supported by ARB UK, we are eager to provide adventurers with premium accessories that enhance performance on challenging terrains and during remote camping expeditions.

ARB, an Australian brand renowned for its high-quality 4×4 accessories, offers a diverse range of products, including off-road suspension systems, underbody protection, rooftop tents, and various camping essentials. These products are trusted worldwide for their durability and performance, providing you with the confidence that you’re investing in the best for your vehicle.

Industry Leaders Comment on the Collaboration

Darren James, Group Resource Director at IM Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the ARB HUB programme: “We are thrilled to introduce the ARB HUB dealer programme, developed together with ARB UK. This initiative underscores our commitment to providing our customers with best-in-class products and services while expanding our presence in the lifestyle market.”

Matt McConaghy, Commercial Director at ARB UK, also shared his excitement: “We are excited to work with Isuzu UK on the ARB HUB programme. This initiative will enable us to reach a broader audience of off-road enthusiasts and provide them with access to our premium range of products and services.”

ARB 4x4 accessories

Isuzu’s Commitment to the Lifestyle Market

Since the introduction of the latest generation Isuzu D-Max in 2021, followed by the New-Look model in 2023, Isuzu has been at the forefront of the lifestyle market, offering customisable vehicle options to meet diverse customer needs. The latest D-Max V-Cross model further solidifies Isuzu’s position as a leader in the pickup truck segment, combining premium features with the legendary toughness and reliability that Isuzu vehicles are known for.

By joining the ARB HUB dealer programme, Crawfords reaffirms its dedication to offering exceptional service and products. We are excited to provide you with the best 4×4 accessories for your adventures, ensuring your vehicles are equipped for any challenge. Contact us for more information or visit for everything Isuzu.

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