Fendt’s New Generation of Greener Engines

Fendt’s New Generation of Greener Engines – AGCO has introduced an innovative engine that can run on recycled and potentially green fuels. With its almost carbon-neutral operation and future-proof design, the CORE75 engine found in the recently introduced Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 has the potential to be modified further to run on hydrogen or develop into an electric hybrid.

Kari Aaltonen, director of engineering at AGCO Power, explains:

“Today, the primary challenge of product development is to get rid of fossil carbon, or at least to reduce it radically. During the past few decades, AGCO Power has managed to reduce the emissions of the most harmful particulates and nitrogen oxide down to a fraction of the level they were a decade ago. The new engine is compatible with the renewable Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuels, enabling up to 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.”

When run on HVO fuels, AGCO Power diesel engines are already close to carbon neutral. However, the CORE75 engine has been designed to be compatible with future fuels such as hydrogen, ethanol, methanol, and biogas and could potentially operate as an electric hybrid with further development.

“AGCO Power CORE75 delivers 1450 Nm of torque, the highest in its power class. The
engine is designed to offer maximal torque at 1300 RPM instead of the more typical 1500
RPM. This low-speed concept provides the best fuel economy in the market today in its power
class – 188 g / kWh,”

says Mr Aaltonen.

While the new engine has fewer parts, it is stronger. Thanks to the reduced design, it is more dependable and simpler to maintain. The sophisticated EAT (Emission Aftertreatment) technology, which eliminates the requirement for an EGR (Exhaust Gas Circulation) system, also enables it to comply with even the strictest emissions regulations.

The CORE75 is the first of a larger range that is planned. It is a 7.5-litre, 223-kW engine built for increased durability, torque, and fuel efficiency. Additionally, the engine’s layout and design have increased ground clearance and enhanced turning radius.

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