Fendt 728 Vario: Setting the Standard in Efficiency and Performance

Fendt 728 Vario

Fendt 728 Vario Excels in DLG PowerMix Test, Tops 300 HP Class

In the recent independent DLG PowerMix test, the Fendt 728 Vario emerged as a standout performer, setting new standards in performance, efficiency, and fuel consumption. As the top model in the 700 Vario series (Gen7), this tractor proves its mettle across various field cycles and transport operations, earning its place at the pinnacle of the 300 hp class.

Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The Fendt 728 Vario stands out as the most economical tractor in its power range, boasting a consumption of 242 g/kWh (+ 24.2 g/kWh AdBlue) in the field. This figure is 15 g/kWh less than its closest competitor, demonstrating its efficiency in real-world farming scenarios.

Fendt 728 Vario

Excellence in Transport Operations

During transport work at 40 km/h, the Fendt 728 Vario achieves a peak value of 332 g/kWh (+ 33 g/kWh AdBlue), consuming 16 g/kWh less than its nearest rival in the up-to-300-hp class. The tractor maintains its exceptional fuel efficiency even at higher speeds, with only a marginal increase at 50 km/h and 60 km/h. This translates to significant fuel cost savings for farmers engaged in frequent transport activities.

Roland Schmidt, Vice President, Fendt Marketing, Commends the Achievement

Roland Schmidt, Vice President Fendt Marketing, expresses pride in the Fendt 728 Vario’s achievements: “The Fendt 728 Vario is the top machine for professional farmers worldwide! The outstanding results of the independent DLG PowerMix test show that our engineering team has developed a highly efficient all-rounder. With the best values in the field and only 332 g/kWh in transport, the Fendt 728 Vario is a leader in all disciplines.”

Technology Integration for Optimal Performance

The Fendt 728 Vario’s success is attributed to the perfect interplay of cutting-edge technologies, including the Fendt iD low-speed concept, the VarioDrive drive train with pull-in turn effect, and the AGCO Power CORE75 engine specially designed for this model. These features not only make it an ideal choice for fieldwork but also ensure high-speed transport operations with minimal fuel consumption.

Fendt Dominance in DLG PowerMix Test

Among all the tractors ever tested in the DLG PowerMix, Fendt tractors continue to shine. In the latest rankings, five Fendt tractors secure places in the top six, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to excellence. The Fendt 942 Vario, with exhaust emission level V, achieved an outstanding value of 237 g/kWh in the DLG PowerMix Test 2.0 in 2019.

Fendt 728 Vario

About the DLG PowerMix

The DLG PowerMix test, conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), evaluates tractors for fuel and AdBlue consumption under typical workloads. The Fendt 728 Vario impressively excels in 12 load cycles in the field and two load cycles during transport work, establishing its prowess in all aspects.

The 728 Vario stands as a testament to Fendt’s commitment to delivering powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions for farmers worldwide. With its exceptional performance in the DLG PowerMix test, this tractor sets a new benchmark in fuel efficiency, ensuring economic benefits and environmental sustainability for farmers.

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