Discovering the Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard Tractor Range: Power and Precision for the Modern Vineyard Owner

As a modern Vineyard owner, you want equipment that combines power, precision, and agility to cultivate, nurture, and harvest your vines to perfection. The Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard tractor range offers all that and more.

At Crawfords, we are excited to showcase this range of powerful yet compact tractors, designed to navigate the narrow rows of vineyards with ease while carrying out delicate operations that optimise yield and quality.

Power and Performance

The Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard range comes equipped with state-of-the-art turbocharged engines that provide high torque levels at low revs, ensuring exceptional fuel economy and reduced environmental impact.

Precision in operation is the standout feature of the Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard range. The Fendt 200 V Vario transmission features a hydrostatic drive, allowing for seamless speed adjustments even in the most challenging terrain. The sensitive and accurate controls enable the operator to tackle the most delicate tasks in vineyard management, including spraying, pruning, and harvesting.

Compact Design

The Fendt 200 V Vario is a high-tech, classic narrow-gauge tractor with a minimum working width of 1.07m. An optional wide front axle is available for enhanced manoeuvrability. The Fendt 200 V Vario range has been designed with a progressive, compact chassis that allows for unprecedented manoeuvrability within vineyards. The slim design enables access to even the narrowest of rows, leaving minimal damage to the vines or the soil.

The superior visibility from the cab enables the operator to navigate with ease, even around sharp turns or obstacles that would otherwise impede the operation. The design also features a four-point cab suspension system that reduces vibration, providing a smooth and comfortable ride through the vineyard.

Versatility and Customisation

The Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard range is available in eight different models, with various options for customised features to suit the specific needs of the vineyard operation. From front-loader attachments to specialised spraying or orchard vineyard equipment, you can select the features that will enhance the productivity and profitability of your vineyard.

At Crawfords, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest and most innovative solutions for your vineyard needs. The Fendt 200 V Vario Vineyard range represents the cutting edge of vineyard tractor technology, combining power and precision with a compact design that enhances productivity and profitability.

Contact us today to learn more about this fantastic range of tractors and how it can benefit your operation.

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