Ready to go up a gear? Then the Mid-Line pack is the perfect range of accessories for you.

The Mid-Line Pack consists of:

  • CMX Gullwing Commercial Canopy

This solid-sided commercial and professional canopy with lift-up side gulping doors allows for a quick and easy access to your entire load bed area. Includes a 100kg loading capacity as standard.

  • Sport Guard Liner

With the simple snap fit installation, the liner contours perfectly to the load bed as well as providing a high impact protective coating. The side walls are rigid and robust and the rubberised floor panel is cushioned giving a softer and non-skid surface that protects both the integrity and painted surface of your pick-up truck bed.

  • Water Defence Kit

Helps to prevent rain, dust and road debris from entering the pick-up bed through the tailgate. When fitted on both ends of the tailgate, the system creates an extra layer of protection against the elements by closing the gap between the tailgate and the truck, channelling water out through the bottom.

  • Lazer Linear 6 Front Bumper Kit

3W LED's (2250 Lumens) and vacuum-metallised wide optics. Kit contains: 2 x linear 6 driving lamps, fitting & harness.

  • 3D Mats

The 3D mats are not only measured and cut with precision to match the dimensions of your cabin's foot space, but they make use of a triple-layered structure for unmatched water resistance, shock-absorbency, and sound-insulation

  • Dark Grey Over Fender Kit

Provides protection to your wheel arches and sills. This kit also gives the Isuzu D-Max a sporty, rugged look around the side areas.

Product Code

Mid-Line Pack (2021-)

£4,150.00 excl. VAT



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