A brew with…Steph Nuth

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A brew with…Steph Nuth

We recently caught up with Steph Nuth from our Kent depot! 

Name: Steph Nuth
Location: Kent Depot
Time at Crawfords: 7 Months

1. How do you take your brew?
A: Strong tea! Milk, no sugar.

2. What is your role at Crawfords?
A: I am the Service Advisor for the Kent depot and I work closely with our team of Technicians and Service Manager, Scott Clark. My primary role is to liase with customers about their servicing and repair requirements whilst also keeping customers up to date with their service/repair status. It is an exciting fast paced role! No two days are the same! 

3. What do you enjoy about working at Crawfords?
A: I enjoy working at Crawfords because it has that family business feel.

4. What do you enjoy about working in this industry?
A: I have a passion for farming and every day is different!

5. What is your favourite part about your role?
A: My favourite part of the role is speaking with customers, talking to like minded people that are passionate about farming.

6. How do you unwind?
A: Nice long walks in the countryside.

7. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
A: Ah, it’s got to be Devon!

8. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
A: My super power would be to control the weather. 

9. Which season is your favourite?
A: Spring. 

10. Do you have any pets?
A: Dog – Sprocker

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